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Start looking inside, whether you are giving life its importance and discipline it deserves? Struggle in any form is nothing but self-created illusion and it can always be dissolved by a simple step taken with clarity to change it. As soon as you go on an inward journey you may find that the cloud of hopelessness will wither away, allowing the light of abundance and joy to shine everywhere.


Clinical Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for positive personal change, and with our 2 -days non-residential basic course in integrated clinical hypnotherapy (Level 1) where you. Will be able to replace negative and limiting thought patterns in life, with positive SELF TALK by learning to formulate positive statements for Self Improvement. Learn to communicate with individuals based upon their specific understanding to interpret spoken suggestions based upon their suggestibility. Will be able to develop a confident & dynamic personality and will be able to communicate effectively based upon the efforts put using specific techniques shared during the course!


Will learn Self- Hypnosis and will be able to bring about changes in your personality without dependency on any one. Will also learn to formulate positive suggestions for the self. Individuals who want to make a career in counseling and therapy field, will be able to take the first step towards a successful career option as a Hypnotherapist. Understanding the difference between the eastern hypnosis and western hypnosis and learn to deal with the myths about hypnosis. Will learn to hypnotize a willing individual for the purpose of Suggestive Hypnotherapy!

About the organizers/facilitators

  • Renu Thakur is a wellness and transformation coach, trainer, holistic healer, therapist, counselor, motivator and a soul mentor. She provides guidance to the souls seeking peace, joy, and bliss. The prospect of being able to touch the lives of people as a soul mentor motivated her to pursue the world of holistic health. It led her to a new dimension of awareness and since then there has been no looking back to this 'inner-transcend' for herself and others.

    Currently, she cherishes being a Therapist, Healer, Counselor, Facilitator, Coach, Mentor at Oorjaa - Temple of Healing & Taretha - House of Peace helping people to not only discover themselves but also in creating themselves anew. The ways are many: workshops, seminars, classes, therapies, readings, healings, guidance, and counseling. mentoring and motivating. She has been trained and certified in different modalities like Naturopathy & Yoga, Clinical psychology, Philosophy, Integrated clinical hypnotherapy, Transpersonal regression therapy, Family constellation, NLP New code, Silva mind method, Hypnobirthing, Reiki, Tarot, Vedic Astrology, Nadi astrology, Astropsychology, NLP, Transformation coach, Guidance, Redikall Healing, Aura, Chakras

    Apart from being a seeker Renu is also a philosopher, psychologist, librarian, special children educator, poet, writer, painter, soccer and hockey player. 


  • CHANDIGARH, Sector 33, Chandigarh, India


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