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Haryana, India




We all are beings composed of light, love, and intelligence. We all are energetic beings.

Almost everyday we have fear based thoughts and feelings and we may absorb that energy in our chakras. When you bathe and wash your face daily so does your energy body benefit from consistent cleansing. Similarly, we also need cleansing of our energy body field. 

Chakras are points in our body where most of the meridians cross to form an energy vortex.

These points control different aspects of our life from Physical, Psychological to Spiritual. Whenever we are feeling out of sorts, it is the energy of the chakras which either gets depleted or congested causing uneasiness and on a prolonged basis causing critical illness.

In our present lifestyle, it is essential to keep ourselves energetically clean and charged by getting our chakra healing and balancing once in a week. You will notice the difference in how you handle yourself and feel lighter and better.

Come and join us for energetic chakras, cleansing and balancing meditation session.


About the organizers/facilitators

  • Sugandha believes that she is walking on a pathway of self-discovery and that life is a beautiful journey of experiences. She was inspired to heal people after she started feeling dismayed at the helplessness of others when they were looking for solutions and not finding them. She has offered her services to help people in connecting with their higher self. Sugandha wants everyone to realize the purpose of their existence on this planet, as every soul has a divine path carved for its journey. As a holy channel, she helps others in clearing the blocks and the barriers out of their way so they can live the life they dreamt of.


  • Faridabad,, Haryana, India


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