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Sector 57,
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By : Mr. Abhishek Joshi Others : Ms. Priyanka Bhargava


Regression to Life between Lives (LBL) stage is a powerful technique to access the planning stage of your present lifetime. This techniques can help you understsand and know exactly why and how you chose the fate you have.

It throws light on the reasons behind the choice of every family member, every important loved one, ally and opponent including their karmic antecedent. You also get to decipher the life lessons embedded in the story-line of your life and also its birth coordinates. You will find out why you chose the body that you have by accessing the body selection stage.

Also known as Spiritual Regression, LBL gives the entire story of your journey, a spiritual perspective, freeing you from the victim’s perspective that life’s hardships may have pushed you into.

Connect with your spirit guides and wise ones of the heaven. A series of deep-guided meditations take you to the time right before you entered your mother’s womb revealing the planning that went behind the life that you have. You will get to the “prarabdha karma”: one has to clear it in this life…so that you journey ahead can be crystal clear!

Post workshop, you will have a clear idea of why you chose this body, family, social and economic background and life script.

With a clear understanding of your life’s script you will be equipped to handle your life in a much better way.

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About the organizers/facilitators

  • As a healer, Abhishek Joshi started his journey in 1997 with Pranic Healing, Reiki and several Energy healing modalities. After that, he was guided by his Spirit guides to Angelic Healing and learned several sacred healing modalities through the Ascended Masters. Subsequently, he left the corporate world, where he worked as a copywriter, to devote years to deepen his practice and eventually answer his true calling, teaching, and healing. He trained in PLR under Dr. Trupti Jayin; a noted Past-life regression therapist and clinical psychologist. Now, he incorporates Past life Regression and Channeled guidance as a tool for spiritual growth.


  • Sector 57,, Gurugram, Gurgaon, Haryana, India


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