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, Biharipur Village, Crossing Republic, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India




Join us for this comprehensive Reiki Level One and Two Workshop Attunement. It could prove to be a life-changing experience. 

Highlights of Reiki Level-I Course:

  • Reiki Energy and it’s Principles.
  • Reiki History and Dr. Mikao Usui.
  • How Reiki Works.
  • Principles of healing.
  • Five Ideals of Dr. Usui.
  • Psychic centers and chakras.
  • Energy body – Aura.
  • Three Pillars of Reiki.
  • Breathing.
  • Scanning and Cleaning energy body.

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Highlights of Reiki Level–II Course:

  • Power of Words and Thoughts.
  • Mantra – Yantra – Tantra.
  • Power of Reiki Symbols and Intension.
  • Drawing instruction and methods of drawing the symbols.
  • Activation of symbols.
  • Power Symbols – Goal.
  • Water Charging, i.e., utilizing the healing power of Reiki.
  • Emotional and Mental Healing Symbols – Brain balancing.
  • Healing Addictions, Relationships, Enhancing Memory.
  • Learning abilities.
  • Distance healing symbol – Heal past and future, goals, events.
  • Accessing the unlimited Power of the Universe.


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About the organizers/facilitators

  • Hemant Bhardwaj believes that all of us are connected to GOD, who only wants people to find meaning in their existence on this planet. According to him, it is God's grace that he chose Reiki healing and divine healing to resolve all the issues which people face in their lives. Hemant is skilled in Cleansing/activation and replenishing people's Aura/Chakra with the help of universal energy. He says that Universal Energy plays a vital role in our lives and nature. People can come out of any trouble or difficult situation with the power of universal energy.


  • GH-7, , Biharipur Village, Crossing Republic, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India


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