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Gurugram, Haryana, India




Reiki Workshop Description

Reiki is an energy healing treatment that works holistically; on the whole body, mind and spirit. Not a system of religious beliefs, Reiki is simply a relaxing treatment where-in natural healing vibrations are transmitted through the hands of a Reiki practitioner (acting as a conduit) to the body of the recipient. The word Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy. This energy is the source energy that flows throughout the Universe and in all of the creation is the Energy of God himself.

Reiki energy when directed by a Reiki practitioner whether in person or distantly, has the power to:

  1. Treat diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart ailments, blood-related issues, etc.
  2. Heal mental and emotional issues.
  3. Heal materialistic issues like finance, career, business, job, legal matters, family issues, relationship issues, etc.
  4. Remove Negativity of a place, mind, thing, food, etc.; balance its energy and energize it with positivity.
  5. Achieve any goal and fulfil wishes.

In this Reiki Healing Level I & II Certification Course, you will become a channel of Reiki by receiving ATTUNEMENT (initiation process) and learn how to direct it to a person, animal, place, situation, or item to heal them.

When one receives ATTUNEMENT of Reiki their chakras get aligned, cleared of negativity, blockages get removed, and balanced, so that the person is ready to channel Reiki and start healing.

Benefits of Reiki Healing Level I & II Certification Course

Reiki Healing like all other holistic healing therapies is an excellent therapy to healing all ailments. The beauty of Reiki is that it can be blended with any other therapy and professional practice like massage, facials, physiotherapy, psychiatry, and even medical treatments. It complements all these therapies and so when done along with any other treatment gives excellent results and promotes much faster healing.

Few more benefits of learning Reiki are:

  1. Treating clinical illnesses and injuries, mental issues, emotional issues.
  2. Giving Reiki Treatments – How to give effective Reiki Treatments.
  3. Healing relationships, blockages in marriage, business, finance, career, job, etc.
  4. Purifying, balancing and enhancing the energy of a person, home, workplace, etc.
  5. Healing animals, plants, food, etc.
  6. Practice hands-on healing session.
  7. Know how to give distance healing.
  8. Working holistically to maximize the healing effect of the treatment – How to treat the presenting illness/injury and any underlying causes using Reiki and intention/visualization.
  9. Empowering the client to take responsibility for their recovery and developing a treatment protocol that includes the clients taking action to help themselves.
  10. Goal Achievement and Wish fulfilment through Reiki.
  11. Learn empowering Reiki Meditations.

Reiki is a great way to enhance your connection with the Divine, which enables wisdom to flow in triggering spiritual growth. With regular practice, you can transform your lives completely. It is always the first step that seems difficult. This workshop helps you take the first step. Come, change your life. 

Highlights of the Workshop: Reiki Healing Level I & II Certification Course

In this Course you will get both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Course contents:

  1. Reiki Level I Attunement- Master Gives Distant Attunement
  2. History of Reiki
  3.  Meaning and Features of Reiki
  4.  Five Spiritual Principles of Reiki
  5.  Concepts of Reiki
  6.  Attitude of Gratitude
  7.  Chakras (Energy Centres)
  8.  Treatment Positions
  9.  Healing Hand Positions
  10.  Instant Reiki
  11.  Body Psychology
  12.  Self-Healing (White Light, Violet Flame and Rooting Meditations)
  13.  Do’s and Don’ts of Reiki
  14. Reiki Level II Attunement- Master Gives Distant Attunement
  15. Meanings & Functions of Symbols
  16. Drawing the Symbols
  17. Attitude of Gratitude
  18. Full Form of Absent Healing
  19. Short Form of Absent Healing
  20. Healing Relationships, Old Memories & Departed Souls
  21. Mental Method of Healing
  22. Programming Reiki
  23. Intentional Reiki
  24. Creating Future
  25. Reiki Box
  26. Energy Circulation
  27. Reiki Protection
  28. Mother Earth Healing
  29. Golden Ball Healing
  30. Golden Healing Pyramid
  31. Aura Levels
  32. Circle of Light
  33. Afterword- Guidance on working as a Reiki practitioner and setting up practice.

Reiki Healing Level I & II Certification Course Value Inclusions:

  1. Lifetime access to Reiki Level I & II Course Material
  2. Reiki Level I & II Completion Certificates
  3. Become part of a Healers Catalyst Community
  4. Opportunity to open multiple channels of abundance by giving Reiki sessions and becoming Teachers of III A & B
  5. Guidance on how to set up your own practice
  6. Access to Success Blueprint
  7. Free “Decoding the Alignment Blueprint” Course
  8. 5 Bonus Tools with the Decoding the Alignment Blueprint course

In-person Level I & II Course Fee: 16000 INR

Online Level I & II Course Fee: 9000 INR

Registration link- bit.ly/reikiblueprint

Moments of Previous Workshop

About the organizers/facilitators

  • About Mrs. Sanyukta Gulati

    Sanyukta is a Reiki Grand Master, Theta Healer, Internationally Certified Workshop Leader and a Life Coach. She leads independent workshops and training programs ranging from 3 hours to intensive two-day transformational workshops on inner expansion and self-love.

    Sanyukta Gulati is a Reiki Grand Master and a member of the International Center for Reiki Training USA. She is also a Karuna Reiki & a Magnified Healing Master She has been practicing and teaching Usui Reiki for last 20 years.

    Sanyukta is now an entrepreneur and founder of Wintogether. She is a Leading-Edge Catalyst offering metaphysical solutions to her clients. Here’s a glimpse of her journey into the Metaphysical world.

    Her story in her own words

    I am a dreamer since my childhood; little did I know back then that dreaming will take me where I am now! I was a quiet and pensive child, second born to my loving parents who encouraged my aspirations in whatever field I chose to pursue. There was a low phase in my life in my early twenties when as a family we were struggling to keep my father sober.

    That was the time when a blessed soul introduced me to my Reiki Sensei and I studied under her to become a Reiki Grandmaster. This was almost 20 years ago and I haven't looked back since then. Since my journey in the Metaphysical Realm has been an empowering one; I love to tell my story to anyone who's a keen time traveler like me.
    Real empowerment came when I found my soul mate and married him. Blessed with a child, we are the three musketeers literally! I continued my metaphysical education side by side working in the corporate.

    It was the year 2016 that I felt an inertia setting in my career. I realized that there was a comfort zone in which I had settled in which most definitely required stepping out.

    Fortunately, at that time, I was working on a project with one of the leaders in my then organization and he recommended my name for an upcoming project to which I readily consented.

    What happened after that my friends is a human story of resilience sprinkled with a generous amount of challenges garnished with innovative solutions and ultimately putting the cherry on top of that cake with winning that battle. Unlike a war-weary soldier, I look at those 2 years 2017 and 2018 as a turning point in my life; they helped me in stepping out of yet another comfort zone- this time it was my job.

    Since I possessed a keen interest in the metaphysical realm and alongside my corporate career had been training in various alternate modalities; that’s where I found my peace and rest joyfully now.

    Her accomplishments

     Reiki Grandmaster and an Affiliate Member of ICRT USA
     Karuna Reiki & a Magnified Healing Master
     Theta Healer with certifications in multiple workshops from THInK® USA
     Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader based on Louise Hay’s mind-body
    healing philosophy
     Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach
    She has launched herself into the Digital space with her leading-edge courses:
     Decoding the Alignment Blueprint 3-day course
     Decoding the Alignment Challenge 30 days course
     Reiki Level I & II Mastery course
     Reiki Level III-A & B Mastery course
    Her note of gratitude

    She is immensely thankful to her Gurus, Spirit Guides, the Creator and the Source for their constant guidance in channeling & facilitating the simple yet empowering sessions and classes for her clients and students.

    She is grateful to her loving family, friends, students, participants & clients for giving her this invaluable gift of being a source of metaphysical healing for self and others. She believes that the various metaphysical modalities have helped her in experiencing releasing of her own non-serving thought patterns and writing her new life story. She feels deeply that there is nothing better than witnessing the healing of a soul, watching the inner transformation translate into a more meaningful, successful life.

    Her Mission:

    Her goal is to reach out to people and help in transforming their lives through harnessing IHP (Inner Horse Power) and aligning their Wealth, Health, Relationships & Happiness goals.

    Through her effective mentoring, she enables her audience to tap into their inner reservoir and regain their balance in life thereby becoming better employees, leaders, partners; most of all accountable citizens who take responsibility for their own wellbeing.


  • Not Applicable as this is an online workshop, Gurugram, Haryana, India


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