A bird in the sky

June 2016

By Shivi Verma

When we realise our true Divine heritage, which is to experience divine freedom, power, joy and bliss, to become a walking, talking expression of the Divine in this body, we have earned our liberation, says Shivi Verma


The world is full of suffering, but it is also full of overcoming it”- Hellen Keller

The ultimate goal of human life is to attain liberation from the cycle of birth and death. To never be born again, to merge with God, which is to attain moksha.” Being a Hindu I had heard this phrase ad infinitum since my childhood, from the mouth of my elders and grandmother. I often wondered what this so-called state of liberation was. “What would happen once we get liberated?” I asked my grandmother.

“After we die, we will merge with God, and always be at peace, filled with joy,” she said. “Then why did God create a world where people came to suffer?” I asked, baffled by this explanation.

“Because human beings carry a lot of karma, and they have to reap their karmas on this plane. Therefore they suffer. Even the avatar of God has to suffer over here,” she explained, while faithfully tending to the deities in her altar.  Was there no possibility of being freed from our karmas while in the body, I wondered. I was given to understand that there was not, and this mysterious thing called liberation, with all its benefits, came to us only after we died. “That is why it is very important to chant the name of God at all times, so that when we die, we will go to God and attain liberation, instead of to Yama,” Dadi advised.

I was far from impressed. The idea of earthly life as a prison term for delinquent souls depressed and discouraged me infinitely. And the concept of attaining liberation after death did not inspire me at all. Creation was too beautiful to exist only as a plane of punishment. I thirsted to find the actual meaning and experience of liberation.

Human bondage

To my dismay, normal life was actually filled with bondage. One was enslaved by time, limitations of the body, ailments, people, circumstances, unfulfilled desires, goals and the myriad emotions cresting and troughing within. Endless thoughts, misunderstandings, missed goals, soured relationships, lost opportunities, bad luck,  expectations and betrayals, all of these made life very undesirable. When everything I tried failed to work in
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Ashok Madrecha

Nice write up with detailed explanation. Everything is being evolved while being in journey of liberation. Thanks.

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