A reservoir of hope

May 2016

By Dadashreeji

Dadashreeji lauds the role of Life Positive in showing the way, on the occasion of its 20th anniversary

Love and blessings in abundance to the Life Positive team!


Everyone is so busy in today’s world in achieving their dreams and running their family, that they get locked into a never-ending competition, extracting all that is positive and divine within. Eventually, depleted of positive energy, the human mind experiences confusion, depression and pessimism. This, in turn, creates an  unhealthy and inharmonious society. Not only does it hamper the positive growth of society, but it endangers the very  existence of community and all manner of species.

The situation is so bleak that there are times when no help seems forthcoming from any direction; you cannot discern a single ray of hope that would give you the opportunity to transform your life. It is like being thirsty for days and months without finding a single drop of water, let alone drinking it.  What can one do in such a fallen state of mind?  How can you help someone if you yourself are devoid of help?

What are those ideal actions one must do here?

– Spread and share positivity

– Encourage goodness in society

– Guide others towards the highest truth of life

This is the minimum you can do to help yourself and others as well. It is the best remedy to heal the vitiated mind. By showing hope you provide an opportunity for others towards positivity in life. With these actions of yours, the all-pervasive transformation will work on you as well.

What is most important is to take initiative towards it!  I am very happy to state here that the team of Life Positive has not only thought about it and acted towards it but also successfully delivered it since 20 years. I am sure that they must have gone through difficult and challenging times as well.  Their notable presence in spiritual society shows their commitment and determination in fulfilling their vision.  They have been able to create a reservoir of knowledge, spirituality, true happiness and distinctive guidance that is needed by many. I suppose all thirsty ones are slaking their thirst through this extensive reservoir.

I envisage that soon Life Positive will make its presence felt globally.

My love, blessings and all-time support to this positive initiative
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