Apostle of holistic healing

August 2014

By Jamuna Rangachari

Meet Dr Ruedigar Dahlke, whose books and CDs outlining the spiritual causes of diseases, has taken Europe by storm, says Jamuna Rangachari

Germany-based Dr Ruedigar Dahlke defies all narrow labels. A doctor and psychotherapist since 1979, Dr Ruedigar is also a qualified naturopath and homeopath. His capacity to straddle the fields of mind and body, allopathy and alternatives, have given him the breadth and depth needed to recognise the profound correlation of body, mind and spirit. Little wonder that Dr Ruedigar is an apostle of holistic healing, and has created a storm in Europe by his conviction that all ailments have spiritual or psychological roots.


He is author of such books as Krankheitals Symbol (Disease as a Symbol), Krankheitals Sprache der Seele (Illness As a Language of the Soul), Krankheitals Weg (The Healing Power of Illness), Lebenskrisenals Entwicklungschancen (Life Crises as an Opportunity for Development), Frauen-Heil-Kunde (The Female Healing Arts), Aggression als Chance(Aggression as an Opportunity).

In the German-speaking world, Ruedigar Dahlke’s books have already attracted a following of millions and have thus contributed to creating an ever-expanding consciousness for psychosomatic correlations and a holistic approach to medicine. In addition, there are currently over 200 translations available in 24 different languages – a number that is expected to steadily increase as interest in these topics continues to grow.

Excerpts from an interview with Dr Dahlke:

What made you realise that illnesses have a psycho-spiritual dimension?

It first came to my mind when I found out that patients with constipation had much more difficulty in letting go of their sub-consciousness programming during psychotherapy. When we invited them to fast during therapy, their capacity to let go became much better. That is when I recognised the relationship between body and soul. It was also evident that in cases of burnout or depression, people recovered as soon as they found some spiritual meaning again.

In spite of a lot of research in the medical field, diseases are multiplying. Why is this the case?

In my view, it is because the majority of people ignore the need for meaning in their lives, and also because they eat animal protein, which even science confirms, promote all the dangerous diseases of our time like heart problems, strokes, cancer, rheumatism, diabetes, obesity, allergies and so on….

Do you think most, if not all, illnesses can be treated in this manner?

Yes, by understanding the underlying reason for the illnesses. I have compiled a list of such causes in the App SymSym, an application that can be downloaded by anyone. Add to that a willingness to shift to an organic plant-based nutrition, and we can treat and even heal the majority of diseases.

Could you share some stories of people who have become healthy using your approach?

There are hundreds of stories, although most of them would not come to my knowledge since many have healed simply through reading the books or listening to the CDs. I have however, recorded some stories in my books. I can say that anyone suffering from rheumatism or diabetes II can get rid of those illnesses easily by change of diet, regular fasting, and, above all, understanding the meaning of the symptoms.

There must be some people who have not healed using your approach. Why do you think this happens?

It is not that easy to change your way of thinking and behaving. Changing the diet is easier.

You say one’s illness is one’s teacher. What are the lessons one can learn through an illness?

That depends completely on the illness. Infection means you have to fight your fights consciously, instead of letting your body fight in your place. Allergies are similar. Instead of confronting your issues consciously, you are fighting at a body level. You will find all these causes in the App SymSym.

Could you share the psycho-spiritual reasons for some common illnesses like fever, asthma and diabetes?

Fever is an aspect of infection. It is a sort of general mobilisation of the body army. The higher the temperature, the greater the fighting power of the immune system.

Asthma is based on allergy, so its underlying cause is aggression. The patient has to learn to transcend his aggression rather than have his body fight symbols like dust or grass.

The inability to process sugar in the case of diabetes reflects a lack of sweetness in life. The task is to let love float through, without trying to catch or keep it.

Can grave ailments such as cancer also be treated using your approach?

Yes, we have been working on cancer patients for more than 30 years now with good results. Cancer indicates a number of principles to learn. The first is the principle of growing at the level of consciousness. Also there is the principle of aggression again, since cancer grows aggressively, and the principle of Pluto, which is the most difficult to process, for it means the willingness to look for radical solutions.

What has been the response of mainstream doctors to your approach?

First, it was an aggressive rejection. They said my approach was much too simple, and if the solution was really that simple, they would have found it much earlier themselves. But when my books found so much resonance with patients and millions were sold, doctors changed their attitude. So since the past 10 years I give trainings which are acknowledged by the German Chamber of Doctors. Since last year, I have even begun to train doctors for a degree in naturopathy.


Author’s Bio: Jamuna Rangachari is a writer who has authored two books for children, and compiled and interpreted Teaching Stories-I and II for Life Positive

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