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“When your mind is fully withdrawn in super consciousness, it becomes centered in the bliss of the spine. You are then in your ideational, or causal, body. That is the level of the soul wrote , “Paramahansa Yogananda.
The spinal care programme of the Art of Living  is a comprehensive programme  which addresses the specific concerns of individuals  unsettled and perturbed with issues pertaining to the spine.

There is a special emphasis on the following areas –

  • Power Walk – For the  alignment of vertebra in order   to open up energy channels
  • Posture awareness and correction
  • Ergonomics
  • Simple yet  powerful stretches & yoga –  This is meant for  an  inner surgical alignment of the  spine to release the  nerves which  are getting pressed
  • Gait Training
  • Guided Meditations
  • Insight  about the human  spine
  • Knowledge disseminated  regarding various acupressure points for  the overall well being of  the participant  and other aspects.


Experiences of People who have done the program

It would be interesting to here some voices of those who have undergone the programme.

Sourav Ghosh  a National Level Silver Medalist -Table Tennis & Founder, Reconnect) avidly recounts his experience of the programme-

“Because of long tennis playing hours and lack of doing proper exercises I suffered a slip disc and a back injury. Doctors told me a surgery might be required but thanks to the Art of Living programs, I have completely recovered and am now able to play and coach competitive table tennis.”

Dr. Spandan Katti (Dentist, Cranio-sacral therapist) added further –

“I had a very bad accident; had four slip discs and fractures. I was on pain-killers and an operation was on cards. I couldn’t walk when I did this workshop. The Art of Living programs helped heal my back and the guidance that I received has helped me overcome those painful moments and I am happily normal now.”


Bhama Sridhar was to narrate an experience about the problem and how relief was obtained by undergoing the course-

” I was suffering from  spondylitis and knee problems for the past 10+ years. It varied from intermittent to severe pain.”

In order to seek redress from the recurrent discomfiture I  joined the spinecare program with startling results.” Some of efficacious results  are mentioned as under –

  • Pain in my knee & shoulder have  greatly reduced .
  • Pain in  my shoulder has abated greatly
  • I am blessed with a  sound sleep and  feel definitely  energetic.
  •  By walking tall my  posture has immensely  improved.
  •  I am able to  sit cross-legged on the floor for long periods of time which was hitherto next to impossible.
  • Without any doubt I can vouchsafe that  the spinecare program has worked on  the intrinsic muscles.


A few more  details about the programme :



Office goers who have a packed and  a rigorous  9 to 5 routine and those in particular   habituated to the use of  computers for prolonged hours or those who drive   long distances every day, positively  should know how to protect their back, neck and hand muscles and also the means and wherewithal  to strengthen them without fail.  They should be aware of correct  and incorrect postures while undertaking various activities in their daily existence.

Home makers many a times are plagued  with  severe middle or lower back issues for a variety of  reasons. Quotidian tasks  involve  handling of small or no weights, and more than often are  executed adopting a  wrong posture, which can create irreparable damage to the  back and neck after passage of considerable  period of time.


Awareness about the  spinal structure and adopting  right postures along with simple strengthening stretches significantly alleviates  in adopting erroneous and inexact postures.   In certain  cases where the woebegone situation  turns  into chronic issues the individual suffering from this pestilence  can be assured of relief  significantly through  well administered and  simple stretches as  guided by the doctor. This program  has been significantly tailor made for  those wrought individuals in deep distress.


A humongous number of individuals suffer from chronic  spondylitis, frozen shoulders,  middle and lower back problems, knee problem, inter disc ailments. Such ailments  are addressed minutely in the spinal care problem which immensely benefits  patients.  It has been  observed  that  there is a  significant improvement in their movements and daily  routine to perform a variety of cores.


“Total relaxation is the secret to enjoying sitting meditation. I sit with my spine upright, but not rigid; and I relax all the muscles in my body, “writes Thitch  Nhat Hanh


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