The biology of fear

April 2014

By Shivi Verma

Fear is the greatest creator of diseases, and the road to good health involves facing and conquering our fears, says Shivi Verma


I suffered from eczema, psoriasis, stomach disorders and depression for a pretty long time. I sought help in medications but they provided only temporary relief. I blamed my diseases for my lack of dynamism, and lack of material progress in life. In a way I hid behind my diseases to explain my failures in life. When I got married, my husband’s dynamism and take-on-the-world attitude inspired me to look beyond my limitations, and focus on my abilities. The moment I changed my mindset, the medicines began to work their magic on me. As I focussed on doing what I should, instead of brooding about fearful consequences, my body began to respond positively.

Slowly, my depression, eczema and stomach disorders vanished from my system. I began to enjoy good health for the first time in life. I began to trust the Universe more and more. I observed that good health arose when you listened to your inner voice and took action. It included listening to the body, conscience and intelligence. It included doing what must be done, regardless of fears. Diseases occur when we ignore or suppress the inner call of growth out of a fear of the unknown. When we refuse to pick up the gauntlet thrown by life.

Fear and illness

That is not to say that fear is completely useless. It is there for our safety and self-preservation. It is a normal and natural reaction to something which threatens our happiness and existence. Says Anu Mehta, Meta healer, “Fear is like an inborn alarm that our body is fitted with, to protect us. The newly born child when picked up by the doctor upside down, tries to move up in an effort to save itself from falling. The fear of loud noises warns a child of danger.”

Problems arise when we allow fear to dominate our lives and dictate the way we live. Says Louise L Hay, author of the health classic, You Can Heal Your Life and founder of the publishing firm, Hay House, “Over the years I have learnt that there are really just two mental patterns that contribute to disease: fear and anger.”

Sanjiv Ranjan, author of the book, The Seven Mystical Laws of Self healing, graphically illustrates the effect that fear has on our bodies, whether real or
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I am sharing this! Getting well is so simple!

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Denis Khan

At the end of a weary year, we celebrate the festival of Christmas. The Life of Jesus is filled with all the wants and needs we experience in our earthly lives. Homelessness, Poverty, Rejection, Injustice, Suffering and Death. Dr. Prateep Philip explains, ‘The word “ rejoice” implies that we need to find joy again and again in the Lord, not in the things He has provided for us or the things He has done but in who He is to us. We should not get bored or exhausted or run out of enthusiasm as we tend to do with worldly things and activities but our joy keeps getting filled to the brim, overflows, empties and is renewed and filled again and again endlessly. Who we are or what we have or what we have done is not the source of our joy but whose we are is the source.’ As Dr. Prateep Philip clarifies, the opposite of Fear is JOY, an acronym implying ‘Jesus Owns You’.

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Krishna Prasad Cherala

Wonderful Shivi. Thanks for your insights on Fear. Would like hear more on the related subjects from you. Seasons Greetings from Good Feelings.

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Hi Shivi Read your article on fear,It beautiful and insightful.Guess sometime you will write on anger. regards Rajneesh

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