August 2014

Streak your way to achieving your goals by practicing the following techniques,  says Sunil Parekh

Human beings have enormous potential. We see many people achieving big things in life, while on the other hand, we also see many people simply wasting their time, or struggling all their lives. What’s the difference between the two?



The BIG difference between these two set of people is goals. Successful people have a clear vision for their life, and have clearly written goals. When we set goals and constantly focus on them, we are guiding our inner powers or potential to start working in the direction of our goals. For eg, when we set a goal such as “I want to become a world class engineer,” we set into motion the inner powers to do whatever it takes to become a world class engineer. Obviously, one needs to have a burning desire for the same. When we have a clear goal and have a strong purpose for achieving this goal, something inside us moves and things start falling into place. We attract people, events, ideas, opportunities and resources that can help us achieve our goal.

Without goals, the inner potential is completely wasted and remains dormant. If we don’t know where we want to go, how can we get anywhere? For eg, if you get on a train and don’t know where you want to get off, you will obviously get lost. Similarly, unless we know where we want to go in life, we get lost and our inner potential gets wasted. Goals help us tap into our inner potential – they help unleash the power within.

Goals need not be only materialistic. They can be for anything that you wish for in your life. Losing weight, being happy and joyful, having a great relationship, having good health, are all goals.

So, how should one set goals for maximum results? Here are a few processes that one can follow to set goals:

Create a long-term vision for your life

Sit in a quiet place, make sure there are no distractions in the surrounding. Now, assuming that you have a magic wand in your hand (i.e. no restrictions, boundaries or limitations), ask yourself: “What is the kind of life that I would like to create for myself?”

Set a clear vision for various areas of your life including career, relationships, finance, health and appearance, free time/family time, personal and community. Try to visualise as far as you can. Once you start getting clear pictures in your mind,
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samir desai

simply in one sentence that I feel lot of fear in my life.

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