Call of the Divine

April 2015

By Shivi Verma

Shivi Verma interviews Dadashreeji the young guru of Maitribodh parivaar and returns with some fascinating information and insights


After several rounds of negotiations with the Maitribodh Parivaar people, finally I was given an appointment with Dadashreeji, guru and head of the parivaar at his Shanti Kshetra  Premagiri Ashram in the interiors of Karjat, a place near Mumbai.

The place was far and since there was no pick-and-drop facility, I had to cover the tortuous distance on my own.  The travel comprised two train journeys in combination with two long distance shared tempo journeys to be at the ashram before the appointed time of 2:30 pm.  I was nervous. I needed grace, so I bowed before the picture of my gurus at my altar and sought the blessings of Dadashreeji himself before setting off.

And the travail turned into a memorable gift. As I boarded the 7 am train to Dadar I felt a warm invisible layer of protection wrap me from within and without. The connecting train journey till Neral station was seamless and I got a comfortable seat in the tempo which was to drop me at Kashele village.

As the rickety tempo moved along the winding road, spring unveiled before my eyes its fullest splendour. Warm sunrays kissed the yellow grass carpeting  the undulating landscape, trees burst with purple, yellow, red and white blooms; indolent country rivulets flowed lazily along their rocky beds; rustic folks gathered around their small rounded huts, and there was a tinkle of bells from the necks of their bullocks. All this and the fragrant air filled me with a sweet drowsiness as I drank deeply from the chalice of natural bounty that lay sprawling before my eyes.

I recollected that it was three years ago when I had first come to the ashram during the monsoons. Ever since I have seen Maitribodh Parivar’s mission spread like wildfire, setting off a chain reaction wherever its followers go. The beneficiaries claim that the peace and transformation that follows after meeting Dadashreeji is unmistakable and for keeps.

I reached around 11 am, much before the stipulated time. I picked up the holy soil upon which the ashram stood and rubbed it on my forehead in gratitude. Freshly sown flowers peeped joyfully from their pots and rows and the white tiled pathway leading to Dhyan Manthan Kshetra shone with newness. Except for me and four-five other disciples there was no one else in the ashram. A rare opportunity indeed.
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Very nice article. Wish to experience the devine grace of Dadashreeji from the bottom of my heart. Thank you , Santosh(9421019664/8856930105).

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