Camping for holistic healing

July 2014

When treatments fail and surgeries go awry, it is one’s inner strength that finally holds life together. One’s will succeeds when medicines fail,” said Dr B N Jha, D. Sc, during one of the many free holistic healing camps that his organisation Total Physio Care holds in association with CMRS Foundation, a not-for-profit trust. Held in the month of May in Bangalore, the healing camp saw a turnout of 250 people. Dr Jha is a renowned alternative medicine expert with specialization in acupuncture, acupressure, herbal and bio-chemic medicines, and various energy healing therapies.

Camping for holistic healing

Camping for holistic healing

Held in the Brookfields area of the city, people got free of cost healings for disorders like diabetes, blood pressure, heart diseases, spondylitis, arthritis, slip disc, sciatica, joints pain, ENT problems, thyroid infertility, paralysis, depression, and many more. People experienced physical, mental, and emotional healing with multiple natural healing sciences within a span of minutes, in the camp. CMRS Foundation works in the areas of spiritual education comprising meditation, yoga, and pranayama, apart from health and community development. It has been organising similar free-for-all programmes and camps on spiritual science, and meditational lifestyle, regularly for the public, in association with Total Physio Care. Dr Jha, with the dream of serving  those whose lives have been rendered miserable by apparently incurable illnesses, established the Total Physio Care, a centre for traditional medicine and alternative therapies in the year 1992.

“Psychological help is always better for a human being than physiological help. There are fewer side effects and expenses,” observed Anoop Thomas, one of the volunteers in the camp.


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