Change - Break the shackles

By Vikas Varma

Dear Master please share why we are trapped in the rut of life and why does maya grip us?

The loving Master explained “The world we live in today is based on power, manipulation and control. This process starts right from the schooling and grooming of a child. Each child is portrayed a picture of what the world of grown-ups is all about. The precedence for our life is set by the activities of our family members and society at large and as such the die is cast. This conditioning is backed up with an educational system that rewards conformists with economic success.

The definition of success in life is accepted to be economic success. Also, since power lies in the hands of economically successful persons the majority unconsciously starts to participate in this race. This race along with the need of companionship and family becomes our all-consuming pursuit and we find very little time to reflect upon the deeper aspects of life. We get trapped and attached to the attractions of the world known as maya or the great illusion. At this stage our awareness is at its lowest and it remains so till the waking cycle starts.”

I see that clearly but tell me Master that once the awareness sets in why do we find it so difficult to change and how do we break the shackles?

“My dear this illusion has trapped us for so long that its deeply buried in our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind holds a strong grip on us and doesn’t want to let go of it. We feel comfortable and secure in maintaining status quo. We like to enjoy our indulgences. The subconscious feeds the rational mind with many excuses for not changing and the most favorite one is that we are human beings totally rejecting the notion of our innate divinity.

It requires great courage, determination and understanding to break this stranglehold of subconscious mind and set out on the path of change. However, grace of universal consciousness provides us the wisdom that expands our awareness to the point wherein we discover a deep reservoir of courage within us. This helps us to break the shackles and sail in the winds of limitless consciousness.”

I understood that due to our conditioned subconscious mind we resist change. As the divine grace intervenes and we begin to experience the unlimited potential of the universal consciousness and ultimately acknowledge our true divine nature. Eventually everyone will reach there, it’s just a matter of time. So, it is! for that is how it has been willed in the cosmic game of Life.

I thank the Master for this understanding and remain indebted to him forever.

Love and Light,

Vikas Varma

About The Author

Vikas Varma is a Life Coach who conducts weekly free seminars on the Self and is a popular blogger. He conducts two day residential programs called The Unlimited Self : Ancient Wisdom Revealed, at New Delhi. For more than two decades Vikas has pursued the Truth of Life and has delved deeply into the ancient wisdom to discover the limitless potential of the Self.  His Life’s Mission is to promote universal consciousness and to establish Kailāsa, A Centre for Consciousness and Love in the Nilgiris near Ooty.

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kamalpreet kaur

very nice article thanks for sharing this.

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