Coming clean

February 2017

By Meher Castelino

An intense ayurvedic detox programme helped Meher Castelino get rid of excess fat, gain improved metabolism and plenty of fresh energy


Servicing your gadgets is a must if you want them to work well. Cars, air conditioners, and other gadgets are cleaned from the outside as well as inside. Then why not service our bodies? We bathe, dress, put on makeup, care for our skin, hair and body from the surface but never think of cleaning/servicing our bodies from the inside.

My ayurvedic doctor Hemang Parekh explained the benefits of detoxing the body both from the inside as well as outside, a concept that is radically different from the usual detox programmes which focus mainly on a diet plan such as consuming water, juice, fruits, and lime for days.

The Dynamic Detox programme at Ayushakti was a closely monitored one, suited to my particular needs and requirements. I had done it in 2014 and felt great (it should ideally be done once a year) but skipped it in 2015, due to time constraints (you need nearly 21 dedicated days) but did it once again in November 2016.

A rude shock

There is a time in one’s busy life when one eats everything that is on the table, gets lazy and does not care about what one puts into the body. This happened to me for the past two years, but a slight jolt woke me up from my slumber. Having kept my sugar level and cholesterol under control, I was rudely awakened in October when my last blood test showed a high fasting sugar and even a higher one post two hours after meal. My weight was a heavy 70 kgs and my clothes didn’t fit too well.

My photos revealed a plump face and my energy level was low – climbing a few steps got me breathless. My first step was to start moving and stop gorging on chips, wafers, chocolates, ice-creams, sweets, lots of buttered toast and Punjabi samosas. I am a foodie so whenever I travelled, I loved to sample all the local dishes. But now it was time to battle the bulge.

Out came my trusty Jane Fonda workout CDs and on October 20, 2016, I started a daily 90-minute regimen with almost regimental devotion seven days a week.

Detox was the next step. Dr Parekh chalked out a programme especially suited to my needs and requirements. I wanted to bring down my sugar and cholesterol levels, lose weight and feel energetic.

The favoured menu

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