Communicating with the comatose

May 2014

Cutting through the coma barrierCutting through the coma barrier

One of the greatest challenges confronting humanity in the present times is what to do with people in a vegetative state?  Ethical and emotional questions surrounding such  patients., perplexed doctors and caregivers since time immemorial. People tend to comatose relatives with no hope of revival for decades, before they finally die a natural death. Such a situation puts the family through untold suffering.

But Arnold Mindell,  American author, Jungian therapist and teacher in the fields of transpersonal psychology, body psychotherapy, social change and spirituality, has developed something called process work which enables therapists to communicate with comatose people. Many comatose people conveyed something essential to the family members, passed away soon after, or were revived after such a process.

He compiled his experiences  in a book called Coma: Key To Awakening where he talks about the process work in detail. The process work includes matching the pace of one’s breath with that of the comatose and whispering questions in his ear. The person may not be able to communicate verbally but he always does so by some motion in his body. John, a man in his 80s, had been in and out of a semi-comatose state for six months. When Arnold did process work on him it was discovered that the man was seeing a ship flanked by fairies but he did not know whether to go on it or stay behind. When Arnold asked him to board it and go on a vacation, John quietened down. The next day he passed away. Anuradha Deb. a psychotherapist who works with the comatose, says, “The comatose are very much conscious like you and I, therefore one should not put an end to their life without trying to know their will.” She is also assisted by Sohrab Ardershir, a channel who communicates with the soul of the comatose, and conveys his message to the near ones.

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