The Latin term ‘communitatus’ FROM which the English word ‘community’ comes, IS comprised of three elements, ‘Com-‘ – a Latin prefix meaning WITH OR togther, ‘-Munis-‘ –that means ‘the link’ AND ‘-tatus’ a Latin suffix suggesting diminutive, small, intimate OR local.. German sociologist Ferdinand Tonnies, defined that ‘community’ IS perceived TO be be a tighter AND more cohesive social entity WITHIN the context of the larger society, due TO the presence of a ‘unity of will.’ He added that family AND kinship were the perfect expressions of community but that other shared characteristics, such AS place OR belief, could also result IN a community. Pehaps, the KEY IS “unity of will”. Communities can be truly empowering AND could provide a tremendous support system TO ALL of us. The Indian term “satsang”, that talks of a GROUP of LIKE minded souls IS the seeker’s solace, support AND mainstay.

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