Dancing with life

By Jamuna Rangachari

Very often, we think nothing shall ever harm us. When things do go wrong, we just do know what to do. Some like Jeroo Mulla show us how one can overcome anything, even cancer, if only one has the will.

By Jamuna Rangachari


Jeroo Mulla was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2006. Desperate and distraught, she just did not know what to do. Bravely but with a little anxiety, she went for radiation. She knew this may be a challenge but did not expect it to be so bad. The fact was that she went through severe reactions to the radiation. She  began to get diarrhoea, which increased in intensity. After two weeks of radiation, she got intense stomach cramps. The cramps at the end of the second week were becoming unbearable and there was no way she could eat. Her strength was being sapped and she was becoming very weak.

One day, out of the blue, her homeopath, Dr Ms Shetty, called her to check how she was and asked her what she was eating. She suggested she stop all the meat and chicken and begin eating only fruits and salads. She had done this type of diet before with Vijaya Venkat for two months once before and she had felt very good.

Serendipitously, in the next two days, two other people, one of them a well-known health journalist, and the other someone who had had breast cancer, also suggested she contact Vijaya Venkat or her daughter Anju Venkat. When she was able to speak to Vijaya, she spoke to her with so much compassion in her voice that her depression and negativity disappeared. She assured her she would be healed and that nature had in abundance whatever was needed to heal her. She roughly gave her a diet plan and told her what to do. She said Anju would give her more details the next day.

Dos and donts of a naturopathic diet

The things to AVOID completely – all the “NO”s

  • Refined Salt  (a small quantity of sea salt or rock salt is OK)
  • Refined Sugar  ( gur or honey in small quantities is OK). Khajoor  (Date paste is a great substitute)
  • Milk and milk products
  • Wheat ( Bajra and jowar are preferable, rice is the best)
  • Oil ( Sesame oil and olive oil in small quantities are OK). Freshly grated coconut is great as an addition
  • Split daals – to be had very occassionally

Important DOs of the diet

  • Lots of
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mangesh Gaonkar

very nice much inspirational story

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Thanks for sharing. It's an inspiring blog post indeed, and reiterates something which I've recently started getting exposed to - the impact of our food on our complete well being.

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