Diary of a seeker

By Shivi Verma

March 2013

The Mysterious One: Practical wisdom for everyday evolutionary living, Author: Amitt Parikh, Published By: Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Pages : 172 pages, Paperback, Price : INR 285.

Meditation generally gives a person his first truly spiritual experience of his life. An assiduous seeker attempts to dive in to this pool of bliss and knowledge every time he seeks answers, clarity and peace of mind. When the practise gets honed, a steady stream of knowledge pours from the consciousness... leading, guiding and enriching the seeker.

Conversation with The Mysterious One by Amitt Parikh is an interesting account of experiencing the Higher Self. After initiation into various spiritual practices and reading books such as Ageless Body, Timeless Mind by Deepak Chopra, or Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, the author finds himself fairly at home on the superhighway of eternal truths. His subconscious throws up random words and sentences which he obediently writes down while trying to practise the art of intuitive thinking. Unable to understand at first what they meant, Amitt let some time pass and viola one day they begin to make sense. Excited, he began to maintain a diary under the heading, Silence speaks. When the rapidity of the intuitive whispers increased, he counterchecked it millions of times to assure himself, that it indeed was his Higher Self and not his conscious mind that was speaking.

What followed was a revelation of positive, affirmative, loving wisdom, aimed at evolving, and lovingly reassuring its recipient, of the presence of a mysterious one, whose only concern is to awaken his children.

The concepts of inherent oneness, vibrations, timelessness, elasticity of time, dimensions, self-judgment are all too familiar to a seeker on the path. Yet the comforting conversational style of writing, and hope and happiness expressed in the messages make the reading enjoyable. Please login / register to view the rest of the article

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