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February 2017

Dear Reader,

Welcome to another issue full of promise for a beautiful,healthy, happy and successful life. Like the last,our cover story is about helping you get the year off to a good start, by focussing on realising your dreams.

To dream is everyone’s birthright, but to realise your dream needs more than just imagination or a wishful heart. It needs courage, determination, self-belief and faith in the Universe. A tough call, perhaps, but realising our dreams are really what we are here to achieve on Planet Earth. Each of us has been given a unique purpose and our dreams are inextricably part of it. Our cover story profiles a number of people who achieved this goal, and will hopefully inspire you to join their tribe.

Once you acknowledge that the Universe and everything in it is energy, we can no longer deny the existence of spirits, or disembodied souls who linger on Planet Earth instead of moving on into the Spirit world. Quite often, such spirits may enter a receptive body and cause all sorts of disruptions, including ailments. There is no need to panic, however. The first step is to protect yourself against such invasions by developing an invincible aura. Secondly, cultivate faith in the Almighty. Remember that nothing can come to you without God’s consent. And if it does come to you, then you are meant to go through it and it is in your best interests to do so. Above all, spend as little time as possible on the subject. Free yourself of an unhealthy fascination with it. Cultivate a direct relationship with God and refuse to liase with the spirit world. Our article gives many more tools and technique in coping with this situation.

February is synonymous with love and in response to the call of love two of our popular columnists, Shivi Verma and Megha Bajaj, eulogise on the subject.Have a wonderful February.


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