Eliminate energy attacks

January 2014

By Maninder Cheema

Maninder Cheema offers two tools to combat external energy attacks

I have struggled with chronic nasal discharge and frequent cold and cough till my early 30s. I have experimented with all forms of alternative healing including yoga, pranayam, nature cure, ayurvedic medicines, homeopathy, reiki, acupressure and magnet therapy. Later, I stumbled upon past-life regression therapy, EFT and cellular healing taught by Brandon Bays through her Journey programme.


Through these measures, my chronic problem disappeared. I realised that my problem had an emotional core. I was unknowingly blocking all emotions inside me. As I became more self-dependent and expressed myself without constraints, the chronically blocked nose healed. However, I remained prone to catching cold or getting a sore throat at the slightest pretext. On such occasions, I used all the healing tools I had learnt, particularly EFT. For the colds, EFT worked about 40 to 50 per cent of the time. Sometimes, it worked effectively and sometimes, I would get only minor relief. I realised that during those times, the cause was not purely emotional.

Having learnt to think of the body as an energy system, I knew that the disturbance was at the energy level which then manifested as illness.

One day in April last year, I suddenly felt a severe cramp in my right shoulder akin to a catch. I have never had any pain in that area and there was no reason for it to appear – no strain I might have caused by heavy lifting or sudden movement. The next day, my friend Meera Kotak offered to do a session of Access Bars on me, and by the end of it, the pain disappeared. She attributed the pain to the presence of entities (Access deals with entities). Uncomfortable with the notion of entities, I mentally made the connection that whichever term we use, when any energy which is external to our body touches our energy body, it causes an impact. Sometimes this impact may cause enough disturbances to cause physical discomfort and even illness.

Energy release

The next time I developed a sudden cold, I practised releasing external energy. I knew that there was no logical reason for me to catch cold – no cold drink, no outside food, no exposure to cold weather. I hadn’t been emotionally upset or stressed either. Within half an hour of releasing external energy, the cold disappeared. It was surprising how a little visualisation exercise could abate a cold which
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Excellent & effective.I tried this on my own nagging cough. ..voila! Thanks for sharing

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