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By Suma Varughese

January 2017

Dear reader,

May the New Year unfold untold blessings upon you. Happy New Year!

Our cover story deals with an apt subject to kick off the year with: The power of passion. Passion generates energy and energy enhances our life force. The more our life force, the more intensely we will live. The more we will pour ourselves into each moment, and the more we will draw from each moment. Our laughter will be more exuberant, our love more all-embracing, our creativity more brilliant, and our peace more resonant. Passion adds vibrance to the life experience and draws success, love and other gifts in its wake.

The question, though, is how do we develop passion? How do we move from its polar opposite which is indifference, to a time when each moment is deeply lived? We explore the subject.

We also have a wonderful interview with Avadhoota Nadananda who, improbable as it may sound, is the former pontiff of Shambala, otherwise known as Gyanganj. Yes, you read this right. That mythical place exists. Read on for more about this wandering ascetic who spent over 40 years in the Himalayas, practising the highest form of spirituality – seva.

Another major story for January is about initiation rites for adolescents. These rites have been an intrinsic part of all tribal societies and enabled boys to make the transition into adulthood quickly and decisively. In those days, childhood was long, adolescence short and then came adulthood. In modern times, childhood is short, adolescence is prolonged, and entry into adulthood uncertain. Our story explores possible initiation rituals we can create for our present generation who have a hard time stumbling into adulthood.

Have a wonderful month and may it be the precursor to a landmark year.

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