Find your purpose

November 2015

By Jamuna Rangachari

All of us are born with a life purpose. If we keep listening to ourselves intently and ask the universe for help, one fine day we will find our place and our unique gift in this world, says Jamuna Rangachari

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche


There is a Mexican saying “Hay gente para todo.” which means “There are people for everything.” It refers to the fact that in order for our world to function, we need people living and contributing at all levels. If we each could find and inhabit the sphere we’re supposed to be in, and contribute what we are supposed to, what a beautiful world it would become. Actually, this is our right given to us by the cosmos. We simply need to find it.

However, how do we find this treasure?

What speaks to us

The world is the same geographically, but we all have our own way of looking at it since each one of us has our unique path and journey. We all need to listen to what our soul is trying to tell us.

Ever since she was little, Anouradha Bakshi was disturbed by poverty and injustice. She remembers visiting her grandparents in Meerut way back in the early ‘50s as a young child of three. Her grandmother had invited a dancing bear to her house to amuse her. It was winter and she still remembers looking more at the man who made the bear dance, than the bear itself. The reason: he just had a shirt on. Later, when the ‘show’ was over the man asked her grandmother for a coat. Her grandmother gave him money but no coat. After he left, Anouradha wept copiously, and accused everyone of being mean since they had many coats but were unwilling to give a single one to the shivering man. Chastened, her grandmother sent a servant on a bicycle to look for the man and give him a coat.

On growing up, though she lived abroad as a diplomat’s wife leading a glamorous life of parties and events, something seemed missing from her life. In 1985 when she discovered the village of her ancestors after three generations, the sight of a hamlet, frozen in time where no one was educated, and women became grandmothers in their 30s, made her resolve to repay the debt she owed India.

Dwaraka Pandurangi worked as the Promotion Officer for HMV, a gramophone company of India. They were organizing a concert of Lata
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Its a beautiful article. wish one could know more about these spiritual giants.

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