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By Admin GD

A progressive society is one of the most discussed topics and everyone who listens to it, can't wait to put in their ideas. We criticize lack of facilities, government, police, practices, people in an attempt to make our society responsible. Everything around us seems wrong. We believe in the idea that everyone except us is irresponsible. However, the basic idea is that the society constitutes us and it is run by the rules which are made by us. Therefore, it is not hard to conclude that we are responsible.

I made up my mind to find what can be done in order to have a peaceful society. In other words, how we can have a progressive society?

I conducted a simple survey and was able to reach approximately 200 people. I went on to ask their views on how we can make a better society. For this, I went to people’s houses. Firstly, I started with my relatives, and then I tried to meet friends of related families. Even though it was time-consuming, I did not give up for the sake of my inquisitiveness. I believe that there was always a unique style of acceptance of this question. Many of them also passed remarks that I will be the next social reformist. Some of them expressed their ideas, while many asked me to leave. I can even remember one of my friends laughing and saying that my name will be in the history books and newspapers.

I tried to be submissive enough to accept all those remarks. In a way, those who said those jeering lines also put forward their thoughts on how to have a progressive society. Deep inside, I could even feel that deep inside they want some respite, inner peace, happiness and a better community. They are also looking for friendship, love and care, but all those media telecasts based on treason, violence, divorce, breakups have conditioned them to fear. As a result, they have developed a quick tendency to distrust. They just want to be in their homes, live a risk-free life and take care of their family members. Loss of faith in civil authorities and selfish political agendas are the critical components of building up tendency. Even if they want to take shelter or rely on whom they can trust or look up to, they do not know who to believe! They just want their material needs are met and be happy in the illusion that they lead a happy life. Still, they fear, and confusion and uncertainty persist.

It is unfortunate that such a fine creation of nature, i.e., human, wants to love, wants to be loved, wants to take care of others, compassionate, but have forgotten these attributes owing to the material issues of this age. Human beings really need to revive this. They must come back to their natural position. To do this, they have to know the science of identity or discover their real identity, and understand who they are and what is their purpose in life.

A lot of feedbacks and remarks from people and their expectations conclude the ideas that can help to build a better society.

- We have to cultivate wisdom or spiritual wisdom.

- We have to be peaceful and satisfied.

- We should be respectful to others.

- We should be caring and selfless.

So, for a truly progressive society, we cannot always think from materialist perspective. We all are part of a journey, but only the one who knows what his goal is, can go ahead with confidence and become happy. If someone is aware of his natural function, then he can be satisfied. We can truly be happy, and anxiety, anguish, fear and confusion will not touch us.

Therefore, with a happy and satisfied community, we can easily build a progressive society.

Thank You.


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