Grace under pressure

April 2014

By Deepti G Gujar


Deepti G Gujar outlines various ways we can support the body and ourselves to undergo a surgery with minimum trauma and maximum grace


Peace is just a breath away Peace is just a breath away

After taking two medical opinions, I found out I had to undergo a medical procedure. The organ had to be operated on. Knowing the science of body consciousness, I knew that the moment metal cuts into the body, the organ that it cuts into, including the skin, undergoes trauma. And so I started the pre-talk with my body. You see, the body listens to every thought in your system. In fact if you were to read Deepak Chopra, you would understand that “mind” is a receptor present on every cell of the body. These receptors hold the energy of “thought”, and accordingly direct their corresponding cells to grow, shrink, multiply, die or live.

Of course, invasive cures for the body are best avoided in the first place, but sometimes they are inevitable. There are ways though, to soften the experience and give your body the support it needs. These are a few that I successfully used very recently that helped me sail through the experience.

1. Talking to your body as if it were a child

Imagine your whole body is an innocent child not knowing what it has in store for it. Would you scare it? Would you frighten it with imaginary dreadful scenarios? Rather you would give it affirmations of safety and well-being. I started talking to my body, and especially the organ, in the gentlest of ways. I was, after all, my body’s guardian. It trusted me and I trusted it. As I spoke to it, I told it honestly that I had no idea how much pain would be involved. But whatever happened, I would be right beside it, supporting it as it went through pain. I would not abandon my body by criticising it, hastening the recovery or imagining worst possible scenarios. Consequently, my body responded. Over the days leading to the procedure, I was guided to eat certain foods that would help my body cope with pain and loss of any kind. Another way of talking to the body is through EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

2. Ho’opono pono prayer

“I love You. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank You” ~ is the Ho’opono pono prayer. I would sit every night with a prayer bead necklace and say these words 108 times, focussing on the organ. This
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