Grandpa's teachings

By Punya Srivatsava

May 2014

Pegasus – Leading the Way to Light and Love, Tehruna Meresh, Hay House India, INR 299, 240 pages


Messages from the astral world are always intriguing. And in this case the wisdom comes from a grandfather. Grandpa happens to be Tehruna’s great grandfather in the astral realm and her spiritual guide, whom she came into contact with through her aunt and famous automatic writer, Nan Umrigar. This book is a compilation of various messages and words of wisdom that Grandpa relayed to her through automatic writing.

The first two chapters describe the chance discovery and gradual connection between the writer and Grandpa, and her own issues in overcoming her doubts about his presence. However, once this is established, the book gathers speed. It is sprinkled with questions and answers as mundane as locating a missing car or a missing friend, as well as pondering over the goal of this current life. Divided into 12 chapters, the messages are compiled under common topics that not only answer the questioner but are enlightening for the reader as well.

The dialogue between the two effectively capture the complex

ities and simplicities of life here and beyond. The tone in which Grandpa communicates is that of a detached disciplinarian who cares for his student, but will not indulge her. Messages not only from Grandpa, but also from other souls from the astral world flow in. The sharing from Tehruna’s family and friends and their interaction with Grandpa add a dimension of unwavering faith that lends credence to the whole affair. The chapter on letting go of a departed soul is something that each one of us can tremendously gain from. That too, not only for our peace of mind, but also for that of the departed one.

‘Never belie your confidence in yourself, and make sure you are never under the influence of what others say and do. Look at life as a continuous reel of film that goes on and on in an unending way, until we have worked on all our character flaws and purified ourselves,” are the words that Grandpa leave us with at the end, while urging us to travel towards light and
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