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April 2014

By Dr  Anjali Mukerjee

When detox regimens for the body are combined with detox programmes for the mind, people attain lasting health, says Dr Anjali Mukherjee

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‘To change the printout of the body you must learn to rewrite the software of the mind. ’

- Deepak Chopra

  • Tarun Joshi battled with diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension till 2010. His quest for a healthy life led him to follow a 100 per cent natural diet. His insulin came down from 38 units to 12 units, he shed 15 kilos, his medications got reduced, and today he is at the peak of his fitness.
  • Tanuja Krishnan suffered from cancer for which she had to undergo six cycles of chemotherapy. The treatment drained her physically and mentally. After one-and-a-half years, her digestive, muscular-skeletal and immune systems slowed down. She was advised to drink raw vegetable juices, and to maintain a diet rich in anti-oxidants and supplements. After six months she became free of acidity, joint pains, anemia, and her skin and hair too became better.
  • Juggling a demanding job, an active toddler, crazy social life and erratic eating patterns, Tanya Chaitanya unsurprisingly developed high cholesterol levels, and was at risk of a cardiac arrest. When she shifted her diet, she not only began to weigh less but also felt a shift in her consciousness. “I felt a lightness of being,” she says. Her back pains, insomnia and headaches also vanished.

These are a few success stories of the clients, I was fortunate enough to serve, in their quest for a disease-free, healthy life. I express my heartfelt gratitude to the thousands of patients who have come to me, written to me, shared their stories of joy, pain, tears and laughter as they went through this journey of improving their health and losing weight. I know exactly how you feel… and I can only hope that you find your answers… because you more than deserve to be healthy and happy.

The human body has an almost infinite ability to heal and restore itself. Practitioners of natural medicine attribute this ability to our inherent energy known as ‘prana’ or ‘life force’ or ‘bio-energy’ which, when in balance, constitutes health, and when deranged causes disease. It is in the way each of us processes this vital energy that makes a difference to our health. This energy may calm you down or activate you. It may depress you, or fill you with excitement. The human body with its unique intelligence has the power to utilise this vital energy in order to heal itself. This vital energy is influenced by the people you live and deal with, as well as by environmental factors. It is only when there is an imbalance in the body’s energy systems, that it is unable to perform normal bodily functions.

In my healing work with several thousand patients over the past three decades, I have realised that it takes more than a ‘good diet’ to heal chronic illness in a patient. The key thing about health is managing your internal as well as external environment.

Managing your internal environment

Internal environment can be managed by watching your thoughts. Our thoughts have energy. They control our speech, the tone in which we speak as well as our actions. Therefore when we choose to become aware of our thoughts, we can control the stress in our life. However, if we remain unaware of our thoughts and behave recklessly, we bring more problems upon ourselves, threatening our health and other areas of our life. The silver lining is that anything can be changed by a ‘shift’ in thoughts. Just by shifting your thoughts, and making them more positive, you can improve your internal environment and your state of health.

Managing your external environment

External environment is largely influenced by our internal environment, our lifestyle and our eating habits. If your internal environment is messed up, you will mess up your outside environment too! Love, respect, positive words, positive actions and non-verbal gestures can manage both internal and external environment. If you elevate or manage the emotional environment of a place, you will receive plenty of positive energy and also be able to energise the people around you. When the mind gets affected, our bio-energy or ‘prana’ gets subdued, leading to depression, fatigue, heaviness in the head, and foggy thinking. Probably never before has it been more difficult for our body to maintain its balanced state of health. It is precisely for this reason, that your ‘conscious involvement’ in your health is required if you truly want to remain vibrant. Remember, when our energies are vibrant, so is our body.

Diet for your mind

In my 29 years of treating patients, and 20 years as a researcher, writer and columnist, I have frequently found myself passing on simple wisdom that helps people of all ages in most life situations. They are:

  • Take the past out of your present
  • Coat your tongue with honey
  • Do not be hyper-sensitive
  • Do not worry too much
  • Do not criticise others
  • Create a positive atmosphere
  • Be tactful
  • Make others feel special
  • Stop cribbing
  • Accentuate the positive
  • Forget a person’s negative traits
  • When a person fails to meet your expectation do not feel hurt or express displeasure or anger
  • Do not hold a mirror to the shortcomings of others
  • Take it easy. Be easy. Remember that your only duty in life is to be cheerful
  • Add humour to your life
  • Appreciate the God in every person
  • Be strong

Identify your weak points and work on one point every day. For instance, if you find that you are very sensitive to a family member’s behavior – for one day try to choose not to be sensitive or not to feel hurt. Step back from the drama, and watch the person in a detached manner. Patiently figure out a solution instead of feeling disturbed. Not only will you find an answer, you will also experience relief and peace on that day. Repeat this experiment till you have perfected this trait. Then take up a new weak point. When you are done correcting all your weak points, you will stop creating disease.

Diet for your body

Detoxify for good health. In our modern world, detoxification is even more important as we breathe polluted air, take in all sorts of chemicals, and eat food laden with preservatives, pesticides, hormones and artificial colour. Once these chemicals are taken in, we can never fully eliminate them unless we detoxify.

The more toxic we are, the faster we age. We need to detoxify the liver, the colon, the kidneys, the lungs and purify the blood. Cleansing practices date back to 2000 years or more.

How to detoxify

It’s not really what we put into our mouth that makes us healthy – but the removal of waste matter built up from years of improper eating that brings us to a state of glowing health.

Given below is a three-day detox plan which you may  follow once every month or once every other month:

  • Eat only raw fruits and vegetables for the first two days.
  • Switch to herbal teas; like ginger tea with tulsi or lemon grass tea or chamomile tea.
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of boiled water; fresh lime in warm water will work wonders.
  • On the third day, continue with a similar regimen of fruit and vegetable juices and plenty of water. Extract juices from three carrots and one beetroot. Or blend a sprig of coriander leaves with lime juice in water and strain before drinking.
  • If you like juices, have apple or grape juice without any sugar.
  • Beetroot, carrot, cabbage and coriander juices serve as excellent blood and kidney cleaners.
  • On the fourth day, you can begin by eating a soft diet of vegetable soups, porridge, khichdi, or dal. Instead of immediately going back to your normal diet, eat small frequent meals rather than two large meals. This will reduce discomfort, distension and bloating.

Caution: It is advisable to consult your physician before starting a fast. Remember, that we can only be as healthy as our immune system allows us to be. The best way to keep these systems in balance is to consume a diet rich in whole grains, legumes, fresh fruit and vegetables, and control the mind by meditation. This helps disperse negative thoughts. By doing so, we can think clearly and improve our ability to make the right choices. Positive thoughts create positive actions, which in turn merit positive reactions from others.    Therefore, the key to good health lies in ‘awareness’. Health is only the result of a commitment to lead a more ‘conscious’ way of life.

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Ramdeo Choudhary.

The author is doing good service to suffering people. But the greater need of the hour is prevention. First is mind diet and unless the atmosphere of spirituality prevails all we do or suggest will will vanish like water on the ducks back. My suggestion to all authors would be devise an interface for the integration of spiritual science with the material science. In fact organisations like Life Positive should highlight this need through articles, lectures, seminars and frequent interactions with Govt agencies. One thing is absolutely certain that without transformative impact any tips on diet for mind will not be sustainable. People will wait to fall sick and then run after all kinds of cure and preventive measures. This is not intelligence. For example if some relevant sources say -" Do not go outside without umbrella, it is raining", most response is people going out getting drenched and then take the help of Umbrella. Even flood warnings are not taken intelligently and the result is before eyes. However the efforts of the author deserve praise but the final applause lies in integration of the two wings of science with education from school level in order to churn out men of knowledge, wisdom and realisation and not money making machine. Individuality has to be transformed into personality.

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Both physically and mentally we need to detoxify ourselves now and then to achieve maximum health.In the naturopathy centres the entire system is given a proper overhaul and all toxins are flushed out in order to restore health.Where mental health is concerned one has to meditate and be more tolerant of others for one's own peace of mind.It is important to remember that others are only a mirror of ourselves.We can be kind to ourselves by simply forgiving others.

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