Healing Narratives

April 2014

By Nandini Murali

Nandini Murali presents an overview of some of the most profound and empowering books on health and healing available today which have helped shift perspectives and spread hope among millions


English, which can express the thoughts of Hamlet and the tragedy of Lear, has no words for the shiver or headache…the merest school girl when she falls in love has Shakespeare or Keats to speak her mind for her, but let a sufferer try to describe a pain in his head to a doctor and language at once runs dry,” wrote the inimitable novelist and essayist, Virginia Woolf.

I realised the profundity and truth of Woolf’s statement when my long tryst with illness – the triple burdens of infertility, multiple spine surgeries, and recently, thyroid cancer – began in the late 1990s. Until then rarely did I even get a common cold. Sickness was something that happened to others. All of a sudden, however, my myth of invulnerability was shattered. Bereft of all that was known and familiar, the new terrain was unnavigable with my old paradigms.

As they say, life never sends difficult situations our way, without also embedding the seeds of solutions in them. My seeds of promise and hope came from reading books on pain, illness and healing that I began to stumble upon, by serendipity. Today, in retrospect, I am amazed at the synchronicity or convergence that helped me deal with and heal from pain and through pain – the most maligned and misunderstood concept in health and healing.

Understanding pain


Amidst such a rudderless situation, The Gift of Pain, by Paul Brand helped me glean new insights about the nature and purpose of pain. Dr Brand was a pioneering American reconstructive surgeon, well known for his work in using reconstructive surgery to address the crippling deformities in people with Hansen’s disease. The son of medical missionary parents who lived and worked near Vellore, in South India, Brand grew up in
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Ramdeo Choudhary.

It is a wonderful overview of disease and pain management done holistically along with medicines. What I liked most was the authors reference to Bhagwad Gita at the end which in my opinion is the summom bonum of not only pain management but a treatise on complete life management in which pain and pleasure and other dualities of life have been discussed with symptoms and perfect cure.All my best wishes ro the author for an enlightened living completely out of pain and fully in bliss.

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Orlando Braganza

Dear Madam/Sir, Just like Nandini Murali, I too have had an experience after I was diagnosed with multiple Coronary blockages. I have been able to to come out of the condition using natural therapy and treatment. Currently I am associated in a personal capacity with Dr. Sharadchandra Deshpande who assisted me with my " Reversal Of Heart Disease ". Doctor Deshpande has compiled a book that was earlier only available in Hindi and Marathi for some years. Now, he has prepared the book in English with many additions to the earlier versions.He has entrusted me with the task of promoting this book and I am here to request your help/advise in this endeavour. I am presenting my own forward that is featured in the book for your reference and guidance as to the value of the book. The book is titled: " Reversal Of Heart Disease " by alternative treatment and is the most comprehensive and complete I have read and related to Indian habits, way of life and perspective.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ORLANDO.JULIAN.D.BRAGANZA MARINE CHIEF ENGINEER GEARBULK SHIPPING CO. NORWAY /ELITE MARINERS MUMBAI. Email: ssuchief@yahoo.co.uk I started the New year 2014 with a diagnosis of CAD via Angiography done at a prominent hospital in Pune. The report stated that I had 5 critical coronary blocks and The Cardiologist very somberly told me as I was being wheeled out of the lab that I must do a CABG within a month. The day was 27 Dec. 2013. As I was researching the internet for the most proficient hospital in India to do my heart bypass, I stumbled upon information relating to an alternative therapy called EECP that was being used very effectively to treat CAD around the world . As I dug deeper , my search led me to The GLOBAL HEART FOUNDATION in Pune . It was my good destiny that brought me here and also gave me both, the privilege and the Good fortune to meet and consult with: Dr. Sharadchandra Deshpande. I started my EECP program along with Myodrops treatment on 08 January 2014. For some reason best known to him, Dr. Deshpande took my intense passion to be cured of my disease by natural means very personally and himself sat by my side monitoring my progress through every session on the machine. He would enlighten me with knowledge about heart and matters related to heart. In return I would share with him every intimate detail about my symptoms and how my body and heart was responding to the treatment. At this time, this book was only available in Hindi and Marathi and I expressed to Dr. How nice it would be to have an English version. Now that I have the book in English in my hands I am really surprised that Dr. has been able to put in every detail that is relevant to heart disease and heart health comprehensibly and precisely . This little book is so exhaustive and loaded with the subject matter that it can be a “ Hand Book and guide “ to all humans seeking answers to the burning Question today: “ How to stay Heart Healthy or get freedom from Heart Disease without surgery”. Thanks to Doctor. Narayan, Dr. Deshpande and the team at Global Heart, My stress thalium shows that I am 90 percent recovered by this natural treatment program and undertake physical activity today like any fit person and that includes walking, climbing stairs, cycling and swimming ,on a regular basis. With my own efforts of healthy diet and change of lifestyle so well explained in this book I am given a new life for which I remain eternally grateful. I invoke God’s Blessings to You, Global Heart and wish success to this “ GEM of A Book “. Fond Regards, Orlando.J.D.Braganza.

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