Healing the world

April 2014

By Shivi Verma

The healing journeys of great healers of the world prove the body-mind connection of illnesses, and inspire us to take responsibility for our ailments, says Shivi Verma


Most of the people featured in this article started as ordinary souls, who mutated into guiding lights by surmounting their terminal illness, and birthing new therapies that have helped millions of people the world over. Their stories prove that when we take responsibility for our healing and do whatever it takes to recover, not only do we heal, but our consciousness spirals upward, and we coast into a powerful state of being.

Martin Brofman: Power of positive thinking

Martin Brofman: Proving the power of thoughtMartin Brofman: Proving the power of thought

Martin Brofman, chakra healer and author of Anything Can be Healed, suffered from terminal cancer in his spinal cord in 1975. The doctors declared that he could die any moment. Terrified, Martin resigned himself to his fate. As he was being administered anaesthesia he had a surreal experience of talking to the Almighty. Martin recovered slightly after the surgery and left the hospital. Thereafter, he met a Zen practitioner who told him that cancer began in the mind. This fascinated him, and he began to consciously de-stress himself. He also learnt the Silva method of meditation which includes affirmations and visualisation after reading Ken Keyes’, Handbook of Higher Consciousness. “I realised that cancer was the result of a mental process, that I could use my consciousness to reprogramme my mind,” he says.

He would remind himself while eating, that whatever he ate was exactly what his body needed to accellerate the healing process.  Whenever he felt the sensation of an electric shock in his body he would think that it was a sign of his tumour shrinking. He avoided people who believed that his disease was terminal. He would talk to himself
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santosh kumar singh

each word is milestone in human consciousness and i fee so great that no sorrow in human life . every article gives inner joy fee like enlightenment acvived

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