Health on a plate

April 2014

By Nandita Shah

Dr Nandita Shah makes a passionate argument for the healing merits of whole plant-based nutrition

A 21-year-old young man on three injections of insulin a day, was able to stop all this insulin in just three days. The blood sugars have been within normal limits since the last eight years.

• A 70-year-old woman with heart disease for three years was able to be free of all medications with the help of her cardiologist in just two-and-a-half months, and feel more energetic and healthy than she had in years.

• A 43-year-old woman with severe acidity was able to stop all antacids in just one week of changing her diet, and not suffer the symptoms any more.

april2014role of food

What all three had in common was that their main therapy was food. Food can replace medicines! This sounds too simplistic to be true. But consider this: our body is always working to heal itself and remain healthy. The only thing that gets in the way of our attaining near perfect health, is our own intellect. Like animals, we are born with the instinct that would keep us healthy for our entire lives. Unlike animals, we are taught by our society how to live and how to eat. Because the very first thing our parents teach us is what to eat, we lose the ability to access our instincts regarding food.

Given the right conditions, our body usually heals. For example, a fracture will heal if the bones are set, preventing movement. Or a fever, even if we do nothing but just take rest, most likely will pass.

In order to understand how to heal any disease, we need to understand the cause of it. Medicines can rarely help permanently heal disease. What they can do, at best, is remove symptoms or perhaps make us more comfortable. But this should not be the sole aim of any treatment, because it can prevent us from reaching our highest health potential, which is prevention and reversal of most common lifestyle diseases. Often the cause is the wrong fuel we put in our body.

What is the natural fuel for our body?

If you had a car, most likely the only fuel you would put in it would be petrol or diesel, depending on what the owner’s manual suggested. You would not switch them around.

Similarly, we know that a lion should eat meat and a cow, grass. These animals don’t need to be taught this; they know it by instinct. We are no less intelligent than animals in the wild. The
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