A holistic prescription

August 2014

By Punya Srivastava

Create your own alternative first-aid box, composed of various healing techniques for healing minor ailments, says Punya Srivastava

All, or most of us, combat minor ailment occasionally. Headaches in varying degrees. Cough and cold. Backache. Indigestion. The list goes on. Every now and then, our immune system seems to give up under the onslaught of the changing weather, viral attacks, or everyday stress. This affects not only our physical health, but also our mental and emotional well-being. I am susceptible to headaches, shoulder and neck pains, and have a sensitive digestive system. Every now and then, I come down with a stomach infection, or wage a war with a stiff neck and shoulder. More than the physical pain, it is the agony of repeated attacks that I minded.

toolkit of therapies

That is when I discovered the healing power of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). The tappings and affirmations help me calm down, accept the pain and discomfort, and ultimately release them. My habit of popping an analgesic at the slightest hint of pain has started reducing.I might not have completely gone off them, but then, it’s a start!

The whys and hows

Like EFT, many other modalities too deal with routine ailments in their own way. I talked to a few healers and therapists to find about their own personal toolkit to combat routine ailments. For most of them reiki, access bars, acupressure, yoga, pranayama and meditation, in combination with affirmations, visualisations and intentions, found pride of place. This apart, many had valuable tips to impart.

Says Chitra Jha, writer and holistic healer, “An illness is an indication of ‘toxicity’ in the physical, mental and emotional body. Hence, detoxification is compulsory, irrespective of whatever garb the illness might be wearing. Since the lymphatic system is the ‘detoxification’ department of our body, assisting it becomes my foremost plan of action. Simultaneously, a natural expression of emotions and de-cluttering of mental space, have to become a priority,” she says.

Awareness is essential for any condition to be healed. “The destination of healing can be reached through the path of acceptance. So before we work on healing anything permanently, we need to bring complete acceptance to our current state,” says Hitesh Vashishth, a Delhi-based past-life regression therapist.

Hitesh also recommends listening
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