Hope for the hopeless

August 2015

By Jamuna Rangachari

More and more are working their way out of the thickets of diseases written off by allopathy through the application of alternative therapies. Jamuna Rangachari  profiles a number of such inspirational stories


As Charles Dickens observed about another era, we live in the worst of times and the best of times. Our unnatural lifestyles and resultant heavy karma are unleashing a glut of alarmingly severe diseases or conditions such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and autism. On the other hand, we are also living at a time when holistic therapies are exploding across the globe and supporting millions written off as incurable by allopathy to return to health and happiness. We report a few of such cases from millions of documented evidence proving that no matter how severe the problem, karma permitting, we can take control over our health, and manoeuvre it back to normalcy.

DAMM Therapy restores life

“When I first met Rajan Iyer, the person who had restored my life to me, I could not even recognize him, as I had been in a coma when he worked on me. It was only a little later that I came to know what a blessing it was to be bestowed with his touch,” said Bhaskar Rajhen emotionally. And he had good reason to be emotional.

Like many others, Bhaskar had removed his heavy helmet in favour of a smaller one while he was driving all alone one day in October 2012. Alas, that was the day he was fated to meet with an accident that caused severe injury in the skull. His destiny, however, was to live. A passerby immediately called an ambulance and took him to hospital. He was in a complete coma by then. When none of his systems responded to treatment, he was referred to Dr Krishnaswami, founder of TAG VHS Diabetes Research Centre. Dr Krishnaswami was a mentor to Dr Rajan Iyer, who practised a form of therapy called Dynamic Acupuncture Mediated Metaphysical Therapy (DAMM), which had given amazing results in cases that baffled allopaths. Sure enough, after one year of treatment, Bhaskar sprang back to life and health. “The Divine has taken care of me at every stage and held me close when I needed support,” he breathes, gratefully.

Healer Rajan Iyer uses a unique modality of treatment that instils metaphysical energy (he terms this ‘oxygen’ ) inside the dysfunctional cells through acupuncture/acupressure meridians with or without needles. By correcting energy imbalance in the
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