I am not my disability

Able-bodied people after marriage some people have caretaker to take care of kids and cooking and managing household, but when it comes to differently abled people choosing life partner the society asks too many questions regarding how we manage kids or household work, And even it comes to loving a person differently abled person can’t have a personal desire or opinion to express.

There are some establishments for people with Disability to choose their life partner, but seldom people with Disability get married. Some people saw my profile and they expressed interest and sent message to contact but if we do they will give big lecture like how superior they are comparing differently abled and one guy he said he doesn’t bother about my Disability and said he worries about how I will take kid for walking or attending them and finally when I asked if he could change his residence to Chennai so that my parents could support me he replied he doesn’t want parents support and he doesn’t like Chennai or trust Chennai girls this annoyed me.

People around you humiliate you for who you are. They steal your dignity.Most people like me are being rejected for searching a life partner.There was one such guy and his parents who pose themselves as broad-minded called my parents saying they were interested to know more about me and my parents told that guy’s parents that I have Muscular dystrophy and I’m wheelchair bound.They asked for my photo and we also asked for the same.The photos were exchanged and they were happy but then he needed some time.And for me, I never really like that guy and he looked little old but then that should not be a reason to reject that person.He gave a number to call him and to talk to know more about him but then when I called he didn’t talk much and said he needed time to think.Next day my mom made a surprise visit to his place to check on the family and saw the boy and his brother family.My mom was not happy about that family and that guy he told my mother that I have autism and asked my mother to consult a doctor.I don’t understand where he got that conclusion. we spoke only for a minute and it was actually amusing how he concluded that I have autism.Even the Doctors perform many diagnostic tests to conclude the condition of the patient but this person with mere talk over the phone concluded that I have autism. So that statement about autism or muscular dystrophy or any other Disability doesn’t bother me but the way he spoke about it to a parent and giving suggestions to visit a doctor. So I pity this guy for his foolishness and bad attitude towards Disability. These incidents made me realize that Differently abled people are better and awesome in their own way as they don’t make quick judgments about others. Some people make unfair judgments and ruin our day. So instead of hurting and wasting others time able-bodied people should ask themselves if they are really ready to accept a life partner from a differently abled community.

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