Ignorant and Intelligent people

By Ravi Valluri

Ignorant people often opine that positive affirmations, chanting of evocative mantras and meditations are not efficacious steps to ensure recovery from any problematic situation.

“To claim that my body is well or being healed when it is not,

is only to tell a lie,” said one distinguished man several aeons ago.

This is virtually traversing the high road of ignorance.

Chanting powerful prayers and mantras and undertaking rigorous meditations generates harmonious conditions in the human mind which in turn releases positive endorphins. This provides the subconscious state of mind with a blueprint for the execution of the work to be done -that of healing and rehabilitation.

When an individual decides to build a house, an architect prepares drawings and designs of a complete, beautifully designed house. It is admitted that during the time of preparation of the design there was only a mental picture of a dwelling place in the mind of the architect. But without any doubt the seeds to build a house were very much etched in the mind of the architect.

Those with contrarian and antipathetic thought process cannot debunk the idea stating that the architect was merely weaving a tale of falsehoods.

The architect would meanwhile diligently plan a strategy to lay the foundation and structure of the house to be built.

Therefore alcoholics, addicts, diseased or even healthy individuals construct a string of positive, uplifting thoughts through powerful imagery of the mind, and sooner than later these will manifest on the physical plane.

Humans need to harness their intelligence effectively in structuring the kind of life that they choose to live in.

Men in prehistoric times would be exuberant when they could garner food for consumption growing anywhere, and then faithfully and patiently waited for innumerable years for this miracle to recur and they chanced upon yet another crop.

In this age of technology humans have upgraded their skill sets and deploy superior intelligence, preparing and planning much in advance; the kind of crops they wish to produce and significantly the amount which is considered necessary and essential. This is the quintessential transition in the thought process of man.

Humans today do not sit on their haunches hoping for an extraordinary event to take place, that perhaps wheat or barley as desired would fortuitously mushroom out of nowhere.

It is therefore most desirable that intelligent men and women appreciate the Laws of the Mind. These are universal; the Law of Acceptance, the Law of Gratefulness, the Law of Attraction, the Law of Responsibility and the Law of Resoluteness.

The human mind skilfully and intelligently pulls out the weeds which impede our progress. We are assisted in this process by continuously making positive affirmations, chanting and meditation so that we can develop and train our minds to undertake this sagacious activity. This is true for all human beings and especially those suffering from ill health and in particular for the recovery of alcoholics and addicts.

Simultaneously, intelligent people need to deal with those disposed with negative or antipathetic thoughts skilfully. In our daily lives, we may encounter several such individuals in our orbit. We need not fret and fume about their behavioural patterns as it impacts our thoughts. The more we complain about them, the more it diminishes clarity in our mind and reduces our aura.

Samuel Johnson succinctly put it, “Whoever has limited knowledge of human nature and seeks happiness by changing everything but his own attitude, will waste his life in futile efforts.”

Intelligent souls unlike their ignorant compatriots exude radiance and positivity. They are blessed with efficacious thoughts and maintain jollity in their daily activities, exuding a calm and tranquil persona. Besides, they are non- judgemental while analysing others. Most importantly they are thankful and grateful to events taking place in life. Being constantly thankful provides aperture in life for blessings to flow from nature.

Those endowed with superior intelligence do not focus on negative aspects in another person’s life. This is easier said than done, as our mind is wired to operate in such a manner. However, superior intelligence makes us appreciate the fact that if the person is behaving in an aberrant manner, it is quite possible either some deviant occurrence had taken place in his life or he or she is carrying past baggage. Realising the transitory nature of life and events, it is perspicacious to ignore what one sees on the surface.

Prudence and wisdom lies in not making the misadventures of others our own. The mind should be robust and hardy to wade through the swathes of such cobwebs. An enfeebled mind starts imitating and imagining the problems. One may begin to suffer from psychosomatic pestilence quite unnecessarily. An intelligent person instead attempts to salvage the situation by providing a solution. More often than not what people need is empathy, not sympathy.  

For instance, an intelligent person will realise that an alcoholic needs to be taken to a rehab centre, Alcoholics Anonymous and simultaneously should undergo the Happiness Programme of the Art of Living.

Responsible and intelligent individuals empower themselves and society by empowering themselves. They do not blame, or play the vicarious game of victim or guilt consciousness. Instead they provide radical solutions to combat muddled up situations. This is the only discerning way out. Taking ownership of the problem is the only way to combat one.

Ignorant individuals shy away from confronting uncomfortable situations head-on, while intelligent and robust minds are aware of the problem and accept it, to find alternative paradigms to change the situation.

There is only way to bring about change – that is the way forward. Intelligent people deal with negativity by dispelling it and not being overpowered by the conflicting situations emanating. They do not fritter opportunities and moments in the present by looking back in regret. They look ahead and move forward and become trail blazers.



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