From illness to illumination

April 2014

By Sanjiv Ranjan

Through a range of powerful insights, and transformational exercises, Sanjiv Ranjan unfolds the secrets of the self-healing journey


Even your bodies, perishable as they seem, could certainly resist degeneration, did you but love each cell of them – with equal zeal.

Mikhail Naimy in The Book of Mirdad



Self-healing is the state of being where you enter into a deep communion with your own self, a state of being where you move into oneness, into alignment, with the whole.

All aspects of the ‘self’ heal, the moment you understand your own mystical secret. Light floods your being. Darkness is dispelled. You become the light of this world.

What is health ?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

So, if we were to formulate a definition of disease that was close to being holistically accurate by WHO standards, could we say that disease is: a state of active physical, mental and social unrest, and not merely the absence of health?

If this definition were true, which does seem logically possible, then the second and third components (mental and social unrest) can only be rectified through self-healing, through exploration of the darkness within, through a thorough understanding of the missing links.

Having worked with people suffering from grave life-threatening or life-altering diseases, one learns that mental and social unrest are the real culprits. Mental and social unrest create stress, which plays havoc with the immune system, causing it to break down. Once the fortress has been breached, the internal defence mechanism having broken down, it leaves the organism open to mutations within the genetic infrastructure as well as influences from outside (environmental factors and pathogens).

Illness is when you slip, when you move away from mental and social comfort, when your emotions are torn, when you flounder in the darkness created by spiritual oblivion.

How is illness born ?

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Comments [ 8 ]

ravi valluri

Wonderful exposition about healthy living. Great article. Congratulations.

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Loved the entire article - beautiful, soul touching, and reading it just once only made me feel so relaxed, light and as if, the burden is off me! Printing this article to re-read again and again.

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Thank you for explaining self healing so beautifully sir. It is a very precious article for the field of health psychology and personal growth. I started feeling peaceful from within as i was reading this article.It touched my heart.Thank you.Deep regards.

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Debasish Mukherjee

Mr. Sanjiv Ranjan has a captivating story telling approach in communicating the basic grammar of human existence. Any one can benefit from his commentary of the spiritual journey towards all-round human growth. It captures the essence of our life - how illnesses help us in reaching our spiritual goals. Best wishes in Mr. Ranjan's pursuits in sharing the simple truths of existence to all.

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Self-healing is home coming Thank you Sanjiv Sir, for giving us the four keys to our lovely home.

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'A confused body is even more dangerous than a confused mind!' brilliant! i read the article. i re-read it. and then i read it again. each time i visited it, i discovered something new. it is a rare gem. precise, in-depth, every concept is well thought out, and beautifully executed. at places, while i was reading, i felt as though i was tumbling into a deeper realization. 'the fact that you are the pure light of existence cannot be denied' thank you Sanjiv sir. looking forward to more articles from you.

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vil moodley

Thank You for this life changing and nutritious article. God Bless You.

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Pallavi aggarwal

A very illuminating and soul-fulfilling article. The portion on gratitude brought tears to my eyes. There is so much we need to thank God for. Thank you life positive for bringing this master-piece to us. God bless Sanjiv Ranjan

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