If happiness always depended on what we had, then the richest would always be Glad, not Sad.-RVM


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  1. Hi, Everybody……….
    Do you believe in Miracle…..if yes than sure u will understand but if no than you will start believing in it.
    Today I am really going to tell you the biggest Miracle of SAI BABA Ji…..which has taken place in my life.
    I got married in 2006. We were living very happily. After lots of struggle I gave a birth to a baby boy in 2010. My husband was suffering from brain tumor since2002, before our marriage. But suddenly in jan 2012 it reoccurred and that day I felt that life has really stopped. We started running to doctors each and every one suggested us that he has to undergo for the surgery again. He was finally operated on 15th Feb.2015. At that moment only doctors told us that the tumor is of last stage i.e. GRADE IV-GLIOBLASTOMA…A malignant tumor(cancerous) which can not be cured at all and he has very less time …not more than 12 to 14 months. We all were in a shock. But still my husband face the problem very positively and said SAI BABA sab teekh karange. He went under radiation, chemotherapy but nothing worked. And on November 14 , 2012 mid night he had a paralytic stroke his left side completely stopped working.. At that time doctors said we told u before only..we are sorry…..we have only target chemo left for him. But when I searched about that on internet I came to know it was not approved by gov. it was on trial base and results are very negative…immediately I said to doctors just give the discharge, we don’t want any treatment…I just said one thing to my in-laws——please just believe in SAI BABA he will make him alright and lets take him home.
    I was not able to understand what to do…than I came to know about Br. Prashanta benergy in Kolkata who cures the patients like this. We took him there on wheelchair and after a great struggle we got the medicine but unfortunately it could not work. The regular MRIs were showing that Tumor is growing.
    And day by day Punnet’s health was going down n down, and slowly the brain stopped working due to pressure on nerves by tumor he went under semi coma stage. We rushed to doctors immediately and you know what they said….sorry we cant help. He has no time left. That day was 12th July.2013
    I was really shocked and was so annoyed on doctor and said……plz …..i assure you after10 yrs also I will bring Punnet to you for regular checkup. I said just admit him and give him an Injection so that swelling should reduce and just give the instructions to your team doctors that who so ever meet Puneet just say that he is fine and reports are very good. After two day we took him back to home. He was little better. But except me everyone lost the hope… I was all alone…….I went to Sai baba and said I believe in miracles and have full faith in you that you are going to show a Miracle which the whole world will know..
    Puneet was suffering from bad cough, he was not able to breathe…than I went to patanjali..Nearby our house….Than I told that doctor about him he said take your husband immediately to Dr. Pankaj Bhatnagar in Krishna nagar..I assure you he will help you. I went home and tried to convince my in-laws—but failed. But three days continuously that doctor called me and said please go. Than I took a step and said my inlaws- I am going. I went to dr. bhatnagar and told everything about him He said just bring once your husband tomorrow. I took him with my father-in-law to Dr. Bhatnagar. He just saw him and said take the medicine. He was having tears in his eyes and said just pray to sai baba that make him cure. That was 25th July2013, when I got medicine for puneet and from that day he started recovering. We went for MRI in October..The report was suprising..growth stopped we all were happy. I thanked SAI BABA and now a breaking news we went for an MRI on 14th October 2014……It shows that there is no tumor left at all. Now there is no chance of re growing. Because it has been cured from roots. All the allopathic doctors were shocked . It just happened because I never ever complained to SAI Baba that why we are suffering from all these pains. Ijust said only one think that you only can show the MIRACLE, and I am really thankful to Dr. Bhatnagar who really done a great job. He always motivated me and said puneet ji will be fine very soon.
    SAI BABA really thankful to you for choosing us for showing ur MIRACLE through Dr. Pankaj Bhatnagar.
    He is there for curing all the critical patients and giving new life to their families. He is a GOD’s fellow. His whole family is into this profession. They are helping them in all the manners I have seen myself that Dr. Pankaj gives money to those who are not able to afford for test like MRI and CT-Scan.
    He gives 50% discount to me because….he treats me like his daughter and says jab Puneet ji teekh ho jayenga and will start earning than I will charge from you.
    I am really thankfull to Dr. Bhatnagar and his whole family.