A Higher Synthesis

November 2014

By Punya Srivatsava

The future of health care lies in the fusion of allopathy with  alternative therapies, giving rise to a system that will treat each patient holistically and uniquely, says Punya Srivastava


Dr Rajiv Parti was the chief of anaesthesiology at Bakersfield Heart Hospital in Bakersfield, California, when his life was turned upside down by a cancer that led to multiple surgeries. During the last surgery in December 2010, Dr Parti had a near death experience. Twenty minutes into the surgery, his consciousness left his body as he saw himself floating in the surgery room above his physical body. He recalls his vivid experience of enduring the torments of hell for some moments, because he had neglected the emotional needs of his patients and family. He cried for help, and the soul who came forward to guide him was his late father. His father guided him through a tunnel, where he witnessed two past lives that provided him with the answers to his current life problems of addiction and sense of entitlement. He was greeted by his guardian angels, who imparted divine knowledge and led him to a Light Being brighter than a thousand suns. Before the Light Being, he was given a new direction in life, which was to help people fight diseases that plagued the soul. After getting a second chance at life, Dr Parti gave up his practice and began serving people as a healer.

Dr Rajiv PartiDr Rajiv Parti


“I was given my life back specifically so that I could help others suffering from chronic pain, addiction and depression. The insights have propelled me to offer coaching on spiritual wellness based on the underlying core message of forgiveness, love and healing. It is my firm conviction that one cannot achieve total wellness or sustained health without understanding that there is a dimension to wellness that comes from beyond the physical care of the body. It is only by leading an integrated life, in which the body and Being are
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