The keys to the kingdom

By Sanjiv Ranjan

May 2014

When we release the forces that throttle love and mire our lives in a wasteland, we will inherit the love that is our birthright, says Sanjiv Ranjan


My little heart loses its limits in joy“At the immortal touch of thy hands

And gives birth to utterance ineffable

Thy infinite gifts come to me

Only on these very small hands of mine

Ages pass and still thou pourest

And still there is room to fill . . .”

-Rabindranath Tagore

 In all the years that I have spent in healing people, underlying every projected issue which people seek help for . . .is the dilemma of love, love which has eluded, love which has confused.

No matter what the problem is, the central knot is always the one where love lies in shreds, where the threads that wove it once upon a time, lie broken and entangled with each other.

It could be a health issue, a performance issue, a success issue or a relationship issue. But in the end, if therapy is allowed to go deep enough, like a surgeon’s exploring incisive knife . . . one finds an empty heart.

A grey and wet Christmas evening, long ago, a silent reticent woman walked into my office, for healing. She was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. But she did not want to spend the rest of her life in the open coffin of a bed, gazing endlessly at a whirring ceiling fan, lulling her into an artificial life-draining, mind- numbing sleep, which never came fully, and never left fully.

She was fully aware of the implications of being on lifelong medication. She believed that there was a deeper purpose to her life, one which she had strayed away from, and perhaps the madness which gripped her from time to time was actually life’s benevolence to push her to put together her fragmented selves, so that she could live again.

As we went deep into the innermost recesses of her mind, we discovered that the madness she had succumbed to was just an overwhelming, unbearable need to be loved, just the way she wanted to be loved.

Once she recognised this, and began to accept the emptiness of her heart, the betrayals that she experienced began to surface one by one. As each one of them surfaced, she moved into absolution
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Salute to the writer. Well projected. A Reader's delight.

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Denis Khan

Mother Teresa put it very eloquently, she said: "I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love". "Love," for many people, is only an emotion -- and when the emotion fades, so too does their relationship. But true love is also an act of the will -- a commitment to put the other person first instead of self. The Bible says, "Love is patient, love is kind.... It is not self-seeking" (1 Corinthians 13:4-5).

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Awesome article... thank you very much to sharing with us.

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Thanks for the beautiful article!

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Dear Mr Gopi, I would like to thank you for your quick response and valuable insights on my horoscope. I appreciate your patience and detailed explanations on the queries which sound soothing. Thank you for your time and patience. Rgds, Mamta

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Ramdeo Choudhary.

The author has presented an analytical and philosophical viewpoints based on his experience.While I agree with his observations but the cure aspects detailed by him is too abstract to be practical or to be followed by one and all. I fail to understand why do we sideline our scriptures and realised souls who have dealt on all aspects of human life and make our own judgement or view assuming many things devoid of scriptural truth.Directions given for cure again have to be followed by the "sick" mind. How can it be feasible without undergoing transformative process? One author will say - " Align both the outer and inner nature." The other author will say " Listen the voice within and get guided by it." Still another says - " The kingdom of mind and soul are two different things and one should not try to adopt both." All these statements are abstract and they sometimes present mutually opposite perceptions. I may believe these are attention seeking devices and tactics. While I have full respect for all the authors but my only complain is that they do not either refer to scriptures or centuries old verified and verifiable facts on aspects of human life and living. I hardly find' writers' taking j Justification from Bhagwad Gita or other authorised scriptures while suggesting symptoms and cures. The net result is that their writings are bereft of transformative potentials. Even if someone sees hope and potential they are not able to carry them out to logical conclusions. My sincere suggestion is the reference of authorised scriptures lend not only authenticity but prevent an author to put contrary views. Life is very simple, sweet, true and meant to flow practically and blissfully within it's two banks of success and failure, pleasure and suffering, honour and dishonour, poverty and abundance and many other dualities of physical nature.

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Beautiful Article, I just loved the flow with which, you have explained the way to free our mind and the way to connect to deep within. Thanks Sanjiv Ranjan :) Rgds, Mamta

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Thanks for the wonderful article.

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pallavi aggarwal

A beautiful article. touched to my core

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this article is like a bridge over troubled waters. it has given me faith and courage to wait with love and know that ultimately love will reddem

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That were your words but the messege was from God just when I am going through troubled times I read an article by Suma Vergees which led me to this site and this article just what I needed .It is a Miracle Indeed!! Thankyou for this wonderful site God Bless You!

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