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October 2015

Do you know your wonderful body and its capacities? God has made you in his own image. You are a being of unimaginable powers. Is this all for naught? No! It is a gift to you by God to achieve a colossal goal. Wasting one’s valuable life in accumulating more and more is futile since one will never reach an end. It would therefore be better to search for God, within one’s own body – a journey which has an end. This is the colossal end.

Money, no doubt, is very important to keep us running. But if our body is not maintained properly, and we keep wasting our energy in accumulating more and more, the battery of our lives will deplete, jeopardising our lives by ill-health, depression, anxiety, melancholy, and many more cumbersome diseases.

When our attachment to material things increases, then our detachment from the God within, the most precious thing on earth, also increases simultaneously. This is the main cause of suffering. It is possible to lead a happy and truly rich life which is a blend of material and spiritual advancement. Yog is meant for a householder. The propagator of yog, Shri Krishna, was a householder. Lord of yogis, Shiv, is a householder. Shri Ram was a householder. Yogis were not expected to be recluses, but of course yog demands a life of regulation in matters of food and sensual acts.

Latent Light Culture is a repository of ancient yoga teachings which concentrates on the practical yog sadhana of an age-old hierarchy of times unknown. Even today, it practises one-to-one dialogue, keeping away from the masses. We adhere to the silence of solitude, a kernel of ancient yog practices, as compared to the popular delusionary yoga practices of today which lead to nowhere. The Latent Light Culture Institute is the oldest ancient yog institute in the world. It is a body of philanthropists who are ever eagerly transmitting the sacred knowledge of the East to the seekers of Truth. Teachings of the East on ancient yog have remained a guarded secret so that true aspirants may take advantage of the sacred knowledge.

The founder President of the Latent Light Culture, Dr T R Sanjivi, was born and brought up in Tinnevelly, near Kanyakumari, a place where siddh yogis found shelter and from where renowned spiritualists of the world like Karunananda, Bhikshu, Vatulanand, Narayan Iyer, and Crowley began their spiritual journey by acquiring occult knowledge of the hoary past. Dr Sanjivi had the privilege of sailing in the clear waters of spiritual knowledge with a band of yogis. He, being blessed by these siddhas, passed on the sacred teachings of ancient yog through the Latent Light Culture to the aspirants of yog. Following in the footsteps of Dr Sanjivi, and keeping away from any unscrupulous activity, we impart age-old teachings in their pristine form, without caring for name, fame and wealth, work to provide our full attention and guidance.

The Latent Light Culture was established in 1905 with the sole
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