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As a reader of Life Positive I am sure you can’t help but notice the pace at which human evolution is accelerating all over the world. Concepts like loving yourself, healing your emotions, and reprogramming your mind, are flooding and changing our lives like never before. Yet there is no denying that we are face-to-face with unprecedented crisis too. A giant phase of complacency and being on terra firma seems to be nearing its end. All our wounds and groans which we had forcefully suppressed can no longer be camouflaged. But before we condemn ourselves for letting our wounds fester, let us be thankful to all pain which the human race has endured for ages. Because without it we would not have been compelled to go on inner journeys and discover our true selves. And what to speak of the joy of gulping down water after centuries thirst, of being in the loving embrace of the Divine after being hurt and rejected by the world?! That is why the human journey on the thorny realm of the earth is so  beautiful and desirable.

The cover story this month is on the much misunderstood quality of unconditional love. People confuse it with putting up with abuse or disrespect, and also with not doing their part to make a relationship work. But unconditional love is about being true to one’s ownself, and freeing others of the responsibility to make us happy. Enjoy the article. Another major heart-touching story is on the life of parents of children with special needs. Working indefatigably to better the lives of their children, they often end up realising that the one who they thought of as weak, dependent and feeble, was actually a master in disguise, enabling them to discover and strengthen their spiritual muscle. Isn’t truth stranger than fiction?

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