Leave the body alone!

July 2014

By Suma Varughese

Suma Varughese is finally learning to leave the body alone instead of fretting and fuming about its state of health

I have just come back from a wonderful holiday to South Africa. The notable thing was that my health kept very well while I was there. My sinus problem lifted, and so did the IBS. I was able to eat virtually everything including fries and dairy without any reaction. I do remember that I told myself early on that I was out of the country only for 15 days, and I could live with any issue for that period of time. Therefore, I was not going to let any problem come in the way of my enjoyment. On my way back, even while I was in the plane, I remember thinking despondently that now that I was returning to Mumbai, my health would once again skydive. I could feel myself compressing and constricting the moment I thought this. I immediately decided that if I could stay well in South Africa, I could stay well in Mumbai. I just had to do what I had done there, which was to leave the body alone, and instead focus whole-heartedly on enjoying myself.

The truth is that the problems of the body are the body’s problem. They are not ours. The body is absolutely capable of healing these issues on its own as long as we step away. Yes, we have to support it to the best of our capacity by eating and drinking right, exercising right and resting right. When called for, we need even to medicate it right. What is absolutely counterproductive is worrying about it, stressing about it and resisting the situation. These immediately come in the way of the body healing itself, thanks to which the illness persists or takes a turn for the worse.

Just as damaging are the negative conclusions we jump to such as that we cannot digest such and such a thing, exposure to a cold draught will give us a chill, mangoes don’t suit us, and so on. I find I do this all the time, but I have now decided to stand every negative or limiting thought on its head.

I have long been theoretically aware that the body is whole, perfect and complete. Now I am taking it as a given, and am learning to stop messing with it by imposing my thoughts and feelings on it.

The truth is that the problems of the body are the body’s problem. They are not ours.

Of course, this is not easy, especially as despite my efforts I did succumb to a cold, but I am learning. This means not panicking when the cold becomes a chest congestion. It means being with the discomfort instead of resisting it. It means not dwelling on the problem but instead focusing on my life. It means giving the body the space it needs to work on the issue and heal, instead of imposing self-created deadlines on it.

Unfortunately, most of us are so identified with the body that any issue with it becomes our issue. When a headache or body pain assails us, our consciousness is taken
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Jayagopi Doss

You are blessed and guided to know the ultimate spiritual wisdom. Good Luck & God Bless you.

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Vasudev Nair

"The truth is that the problems of the body are the body’s problem. They are not ours." No, it is a big NO. What you refer as "Ours" is the counterpart of the Physical Existence called BODY and referred as MIND, the non-physical counterpart. If I am wrong please correct me. These two counterparts, a PAIR OF OPPOSITES, is intrinsically connected, inseparable and immutable from each other. Nobody can select one and keep the other separate and different from the other. "despite my efforts I did succumb to a cold" When you refer something like this the "I" indicates the BODY, and when you refer as OURS is indicating the "Mind". "It means being with the discomfort instead of resisting it." The discomfort is both physical and non-physical, is it not? You suggest to keep the physical from the non-physical, is it not? How is it possible, when they are mutually immutable and inseparable. To the best of my knowledge, a faith in your doctor is much more important than the medicine is a well known fact. Thus it ascertains a fundamental fact that a BODY and MIND is mutually interconnected and interdependent and cannot treat one without the interaction of the other. Thanks and regards Vasudev Nair soiltosoil@gmail.com

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Pranjal P Joshi

I agree with the view point but how do I leave the physical pain involved? Can we really take out ourselves from our body?

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You said it so well! Yes indeed the body will take care of itself if we do not interfere with our minds. Yes, no need for self created deadlines either. I said exactly the same thing to a friend who called me up in panic yesterday after been diagnosed with- what else- RA. Just take the prescribed medicines and forget you even have it, i told her. I apparently have Vasculitis too, she wailed; so that's one more pill to pop or kashaya to drink, i told her. Life's already too complicated as it is, without we having to worry about incumbent and impending diseases. Everything has a solution, it can ether be cured or managed- thanks to advances in medical science. So now instead of feeling depressed about it when i look at the jars, bottles and strips of medicines lined up in my cabinet, i feel blessed that i have them all to keep me in reasonably good shape. Life's become a lot more easier for me these days!

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