The Life Divine

June 2014

By Punya Srivatsava

Dr BK Chandra Shekhar, who electrified the participants at the Delhi Expo with his unique and authentic revelations and insights, opens up about his life in an interview with Punya Srivastava



Dr BK Chandra Shekhar is energy and alertness personified. A ready smile on his face, brimming over with vitality and life force, holding himself with a military bearing, it is not hard to believe that the Divine is indeed flowing through him, as his extraordinary story will testify. There is no pretence or artifice, what you see is what you get. His earnest desire to help is evident in his interaction with a student, looking for advice and blessings for an impending exam. What followed was 60 seconds of crisp motivational advice, straight from his own experience. This reliance on his own inner knowing is at the crux of his approach. He has had the deep privilege of being afforded  many answers from the Divine, which not only inform his approach to life but have shaped the therapies and techniques that he offers the world. The knowledge he offers, therefore, has a rare freshness and power. Many have healed through his intervention of even grievous ailments like cancer.

Prior to his life as a healer, he worked for the Air Force. It was at that time that cancer engulfed him, followed by Hepatitis C. And it was in the wake of recovering from them that he had his mystical experience that transformed his life forever.  Thereafter, he founded SIGFA Solutions, propagating the power of a focussed mind. A member of the Brahma Kumaris and an avid practitioner of Raj Yoga as well as a Guinness World Record holder in speech category, Dr Chandra Shekhar is the Programme Director of Memory Development & Psycho-Neurobics in the Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University; Chennai, and Founder Director of Invisible Doctors Solutions. He has authored more than 15 books on mind, memory and healing power. He claims to have rediscovered the missing dimension of healing in medical science and psychology, which he calls Psycho Neurobics. In sum, this is a form of healing that combines mudras, colour therapy and sound. Above all, it focusses on healing the mind for he believes that without the healing of the mind, the body cannot heal. He introduced it as a healing science globally, as a tool best practiced with Raj Yoga meditation for complete healing
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Ramdeo Choudhary.

Very nice article and it is the authors experience which lends authenticity to what he wants ro communicate. His ideas are in alignment with scriptural norms and guidelines. By his practice of Rajyoga he has evolved into an awakened awareness through which he teaches the art of giving and forgiving.He ia an early riser and a vegetarian without even garlic, onion and red chillies. These are the traits of a Sadhak, who wants ro connect to source and gets guided in his life and finally becomes a source himself for spreading the art of giving, forgiving,accepting and letting go. His own suffering from Cancer and subsequent experience during and after healing process led him to be compassionate with a purpose to help the suffering and the needy. This World has been called " DUKKHALAYAM" and "ASASWATAM " in Gita and therefore we are all prone to suffering in this temporary world. Rajyoga is one of several processes through which it is possible to get rid of our suffering, mental chattering, expectational tendencies and complaining habits. Only if you take charge of your life with responsibility following scriptural guidelines, you can enjoy peace and happiness having divine traits. In any case glory to the author for becoming a specimen of change before us passing through the difficult times of his life and finally coming out with solutions for the same. My best wishes to him.

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IIt is a very good and very inspiring magazine.I have been a regular reader of this magazine for last several years. Dinesh

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Anup Bagla

Excellent ... I also have somewhat similar experiences as part of spiritual realization ... although I am still struggling with some of my life challenges and ill-health, which spiritual realization seems to bring: I also believe in ... 1)Philosophy of giving as well as forgiving others, 2)Main reason of diseases in the body is the disconnection of mind and soul from the Source both while awake and asleep. During sleep, because of dreams, and in the waking state, because of wasteful and negative thoughts. As a result, energy is at a low voltage causing disease. 3) I also consider my ‘SELF’ to be Spiritual Energy in Light Form. Also started to think that any disease that happens is happening to my body and not me. Again my motto now is to increase the level of spiritual energy in every aspect of my life. 4)God is formless and is the source of spiritual energy. 5)Complete harmony without any expectation. 6)Dealing with money is like a trustee and not to hold or accumulate money as the flow of currency is like flow of water; when the flow of water is held up it creates stagnant water, resulting in breeding of mosquito, filth and disease & vectors ... and defeats the very purpose / meaning of currency formation and usage; so it is always better to be a trustee of God’s property. 7)pure satvic food with an abundance of fruits and green vegetables. 8)Technology has made a great impact on society. Use modern technology in a balanced manner and yet, must include some preventive exercises in our lifestyle to minimise its harmful radiation effects. 9)Writing books and want to make spirituality a requirement for the betterment of human life in the best possible way. 10)Content with whatever we have which defines happiness for me. Also, blessing others without any expectation, also generates happiness. 11)An early riser and start my day at 4 am. I meditate, light breakfast and an evening half hour meditation session. 12)The work is a responsibility given by God and enjoy carrying out His command with His blessings. 13)Practice meditation on regular basis. 14)Accurate decisions and planning post a meditation session in Amrit Vela (at four in the morning). 15)To have a true purpose in life is to have a reason for living, a clear objective, and a focal point for our efforts. The fact that we are endowed with intelligence, conscience, and the ability to reason implies that the Creator had a good purpose in putting us here.

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ramesh v chauhan

Very good magazine

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