What is life ? As shared

By Ravi Valluri



A man died...


When he realized it, he saw God coming closer with a suitcase in his hand.


Dialog between God and Dead Man:


God: *Alright son, it’s time to go*


Man: So soon? I had a lot of plans...


God: *I am sorry but, it’s time to go*


Man: What do you have in that suitcase?


God: *Your belongings*


Man: My belongings? You mean my things... Clothes... money...


God; *Those things were never yours, they belong to the Earth*


Man: Is it my memories?


God: *No. They belong to Time*


Man: Is it my talent?


God: *No. They belong to Circumstance*


Man: Is it my friends and family?


God: *No son. They belong to the Path you travelled*


Man: Is it my wife and children?


God: *No. they belong to your Heart*


Man: Then it must be my body


God: *No No... It belongs to Dust*


Man: Then surely it must be my Soul!


God: *You are sadly mistaken son. Your Soul belongs to me.*


Man with tears in his eyes and full of fear took the suitcase from God's hand and opened it...




With heartbroken and tears down his cheek he asks God...


Man: I never owned anything?


God: *That’s Right. You never owned anything*.


Man: Then? What was mine?


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