In the light of the inner sun

August 2014

By Anahita Sanjana

“If we are resentful towards a particular person, it is a much more serious problem than one impaired relationship. That resentment is preventing us from attaining our native state.”

-Eknath Easwaran

Asmita`s mind darkened with resentment as it registered the praise being lavished on her best friend Aanya for winning the `Employee of the year award` in the finance company they both worked for.


“So glad for you,” Asmita said mechanically to Aanya, with an arrested smile that could not reach her eyes.

Even as she said this she felt an unsavoury taste in her entire being. She tried to recollect all the ways in which Aanya had stood by her through thick and thin to alleviate her resentment, but to no avail. Inadequacy and resentment closed in on her like a prison from which there was no escape!

Words of her yoga teacher arose from her depths like rays of a sun so powerful that momentarily the opaque walls of her prison grew transparent to them.

“Escape there is. The exit from the prison of resentment is the entry into the sun within! The Vedas speak of the hrudayamguhayam or the cave of the heart where the unseen sun of your truth resides. Visualise this warm bright sun at the centre of your chest, behind the sternum bone and use the first six Surya mantras to pave your way to what the Buddha calls the “heavenlyabode of  `mudita` or joy in the virtue or success of another.”

Asmita looked to the sun within and addressed it by the first Surya mantra `Om mitrayanamah` (salutations to the universal friend, the sun, who gives his light equally to all without discrimination). With this mantra she invoked the potential of the sun within to be friendly towards every coming and going of life. Asmita visualised Aanya within the sun in her heart, and replayed the scene of Aanya being praised with the background repetition of `Om mitrayanamah` inviting a willingness to be friendly towards Aanya’s success. Then while focussing in her heart, she cultivated mudita with phrases directed to Aanya: “May your success grow”,  “May your happiness multiply”, over and over again. A resistance gnawed at her heart strings, weighing her down with a sense of foreboding, “What if my wishes for Aanya’s success actually come true?”

As if in
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