MahaShivaratri Advanced Meditation Course of the Art of Living

Shivaratri is taking refuge in Shiva. You take refuge in Shiva for your true nature is Shiva. Shiva is that blissful and innocent consciousness which exists in every atom of the universe and also in us. Celebrating the Shiva Tattva in oneself is called Shivaratri. ‘Ratri’ means night, the time for rest, when everything becomes quiet and peaceful. Shivaratri is not only rest for body, but for mind and ‘Ego’. -says  His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
 A seeker, devout or a neophyte on the path of spirituality  experiences  joyful  hollow and empty meditation processes.  These powerful meditations  transfigure and  transform the mind  while soaking  in  the Maha Shivaratri Celebrations. Individuals  delve deep into silence in order  to parry antipathetic thoughts, the  ho-hum of life and  exacting situations faced in life.  The hush and shush experienced is indeed remarkable that  a sincere participant does not wish to break that aha  moment.
We are normally  cannonaded by 50 to 60k thoughts a day and this course of the Art of Living especially during the Shiva Ratri   soothes the mind. To begin with , a participant  realizes  his true self by switching of the mobile and is not bombarded by numerous  WhatsApp messages, the Facebook, Twitter , ring of the phone  , flurry of messages and e-mails.  If we seriously contemplate most of  the information we receive can be classified as spam.
Technology has invaded the human mind in such a manner that  we have become extremely addicted to these gizmos. This is a reality which humans need to appreciate.  While remaining  in silence , performing yoga, pranayama , Sudarshan Kriya and  muscly meditations  the mind of an authentic seeker is insulated from the dreariness  and capriciousness of the world  to make it innocent,  fresh like dew on petals and robust in character.
“Something stunning takes you to silence. Something wonderful – words disappear, you become silent. At the helm of every emotion, at the peak of every happening, there is silence.” says His Holiness  Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Some  added features of  the Shivaratri  Advanced Meditation Programme are the following:
  •  There is a deep rest to  the mind and body.
  • One can  participate  in the Rudra pooja on Mahashivaratri and listen to the incantations which have a soothing and efficacious effect on the mind.
  •  Through skype a participant can also get linked  to the  Shivaratri  celebrations at Bangalore  Ashram through a  live webcast.
  •  Eventually participants can rejuvenate themselves with a burst  of  renewed energy
  • To explore the Shiv Tattva  in  the deep meditative self.

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