The master's mind

By Suma Varughese

May 2014

Meet Pradeep Pawar, an acclaimed Marathi trainer and facilitator and an enlightened soul. In conversation with Suma Varughese

close encounter

I was introduced to Pradeep Pawar by a reader who sent me such an appreciative and obviously genuine mail about him that I was intrigued and decided to meet up. Mr Pawar is one of the leading trainers and facilitators in Maharashtra, holding programmes in Marathi that have received a great deal of appreciation. He teaches a range of energy dynamic tools like EFT (which he calls Quantum Empowerment), EMDR, BSFL, WHEC (WHolistic Hybrid between EFT and EMDR), Bilateral Stimulation, Understanding chakras and the Sedona Method.

Some months later, a tall stately figure dressed in white, with a leonine head of curls and a calm face, showed up at my office. Everything about him felt right. He was courteous, respectful and co-operative, and without the slightest need to impress. There was something immensely likeable about him. It was easy to see why his programmes would draw appreciation. It was only later, while in a conversation with him, that I discovered that Mr Pawar is that most elusive of beings – an enlightened soul. At any rate, so he says, and I could find no evidence to dispute it. And since I subscribe to the law of the land – innocent until proved guilty – I believe he is enlightened unless proved otherwise. Read on for an account of his spiritual journey, and how an enlightened mind operates. I have taken myself out of the frame and allowed Mr Pawar to have a stream-of-consciousness conversation with you. Enjoy.

How it all started

Looking back, my life has just happened. I studied in a residential military school which had equipped me with a rugged upbringing. I wanted to join the Armed Forces, but because of my weakness in mathematics, I could not join the National Defence Academy. So I joined a regular college and in my first year, I participated in a college programme. Some film-makers saw me and offered me the lead role of their forthcoming film, Soyarik (matrimonial alliance), which was released in 1976.

Once the film was released, I realised I was not actor material, but before I could quit, I was offered another role in a film by the great V. Shantaram. I could not say no. Ultimately I made 14 films – but I was not successful. I got neither fame, name, nor money from it.

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Comments [ 12 ]

namita n. patil

wonderful article.How one can get in touch with him.I would like to talk to him reg my health

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Dhananjay Mangrulkar

We all Maharashtrian are Fortunate that Sir Guides us all this subjects in Marathi.Thank-You Sir.we love you

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Very unique and interesting article. How can i get in touch with him? Would love to speak to him regarding health of a family member. Doctors help has been limited so far. Thanks, anupama.

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Very enlightening article.......realised that I can choose to not get entangled in thoughts of fear and instead watch it like an observer. I was trying to change them into affirmations which was not helping much . Indeed we are in the presence of an enlightened soul. Thank You:)

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Pankaj Pradhan

Me and my family are follower of Sir for the last 5 to 6 years. As Sir mentioned, whenever there is a need of a guidance, we talk to him or get connected virtually @ particular time slot given by him and the guidance is always available. I will advice to attend his lectures and just get connected with him for life time. His presence in the life itself is life changing towards the betterment. The SECRET is, if you ask... you may get it. Thank You.

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wonderful article. a miracles of keep guiding. we need it

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Vishal Aggarwal

It is all very true. But I just wonder, how much of it is in an individual's hand. We can't apply these theories unless "its written"... I may be wrong, but I also believe that in one's life phases of such tranquillity can come and go also... not go, maybe hide... I dont know what I want to say from this... Anyway thanks for such a wonderful article.

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surendra kalantri

I also attended ETF session. I agree with sir one should be very natural. Let the things happen in natural way. It is in our mind which creates pain. With regards to relations ; only mother and father and one friend that's all. Regard to sir.

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Hrushikesh Khadye

Very informative and we should implement in our life. I am a student of Sir. I have attended workshop on EFT conducted by sir. Thanks for giving is fresh approach toward our life.

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i love this artical.....

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Nilesh katkar

very good artical,which taught us to live in "presence"..

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mangesh y.shirke

All teach by sir is in abundance in him.

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