The medium's message

By Shivi Verma

May 2014

Shivi Verma meets Sohrab Ardeshir, a popular actor who is also known for channelling various New Age masters


Eager to know more, I met him at his beautiful residence in Bandra where he lives with his elderly mother and a pet cat and dog. He came across as an affable, warm and very unassuming person whom anybody would love to befriend. An excerpt from the interview.When I first spotted Sohrab Ardeshir at a spiritual festival in Goa, happily swaying to the live music, I thought him to be one of the many hi-flying participants of the event. Flashes of his appearance in various ad films and movies crossed my memory. His quintessential appearance in films and advertisements as the doting, quirky, good-hearted patriarch have won him many admirers. His Hindi films include Fanaa, Mangal Panday: The Rising, Socha Na Tha, and Little Zizou. He has also worked on several international projects, including Woody Allen’s Bullets over Broadway, Such a Long Journey and The Letters (a new Mother Theresa biopic). He has acted in theatre and appeared in over 70 commercials. But that he also had a starkly different profile was a revelation to me when I found him channelling ascended masters and conveying their message to his audience at a workshop in the same festival.

How did channelling happen to you?

I had settled in New York, and was busy working a day job and studying theatre at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. I had just begun to break into theatre and film there, when personal circumstances brought me back to Mumbai.

My mother had allowed a friend of hers, who was a medium, to hold meetings in our house. Out of curiosity I began to attend these. One day, when she was in a trance, the master indicated that I had the makings of a medium, and would I like to train? I impulsively said yes, out of a sense of curiosity and adventure.

As my training continued, I began with a small meeting of my own, with just three other people. I now hold regular Thursday channelling sessions, with upto 60 attendees at a time. Most mediums worldwide generally work with only one guide or entity. I have the joyous privilege of working with as many as desire to speak through me depending on the energetic calling of the group, and the subject matter for the day.

How does it feel?

When I am channelling, I lose all sense
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Please visit All his details are available there.

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Hello, I wasn't aware that an actor was also a medium and so advanced and living as close as Bandra!. I live in south mumbai and would very much like to attend a thursday channelling session or meet personally with Mr Ardeshir, His interview is refreshing and very sincere. Please could i get his contact information so i may be able to reach out to him personally. Many Thanks Anupama.

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