The miracle of health

April 2014

By Renu Agrawal

Renu Agrawal shares her story of recovering to normalcy from a state of great debility


In January 2009, a renowned neurologist in Delhi advised me to undergo immediate surgery on both my wrists for carpel tunnel syndrome (CTS) which had deteriorated over four years to such an extent that I had stopped driving and writing. In fact, simple tasks like holding a plate or a mobile for more than 15 seconds was a major ordeal. In February, my elder daughter had her Board exams so I requested him to operate in March instead. However, I was told that the situation was so serious that such a delay could cause my hands to become paralysed. The surgery was scheduled, but two days before the surgery, the surgeon had to leave for Calcutta for some urgent work, and I was told that I would be operated on by some other surgeon. To this I refused, and decided to wait for three weeks.

Along with CTS, I had eight damaged spinal discs which had caused severe restrictions on my movements. I had problems in my knees and ankles; and owing to the heavy medications that I was under, my stomach and liver also got damaged. For 14 years, I had been battling health issues and spent eight to nine months in a year taking various treatments to keep myself going.

It was at this time that I came to know about ThetaHealing, an energy healing modality. I read about it on the internet and something within told me to dive into it. I registered for the first three courses of ThetaHealing which are: Basic DNA2, Advanced DNA2, and Manifesting and Abundance. I completed the courses within 10 days (3+3+2 and two holidays). One other person did the course with me.

On the first day of the course, I climbed with the help of the taxi driver to the second floor where my trainer, Rajiv’s institute was located. At that time, I could not sit for two hours at a stretch, but Rajiv’s constant support and healings made it possible for me to make it till the evening.  By the fifth day, I was able to climb up the stairs by myself and sit through the day.

After the eight days of the courses, I worked on myself for five to six hours every day. By  March 31, 2009, I got rid of all the pain killers, the cervical and lumbar belts, splints for the hands, silicon heating pads, and acupressure magnets. My medical bill of Rs 80,000 to Rs 1,00,000 a month came down to a mere Rs 250.
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