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By Rajinder Gupta

I came in contact with nature cure during early 1980’s when one of my friend was visiting me at my house. The atmosphere in the house was tense. My friend asked me if everything was ok. I told him that my Nephew was not well and was suffering from chronic asthma. The doctor was visiting us and advising for treatment. My nephew was only 10-11 years old and had become very weak, due to heavy intake of drugs and medicines. He could not breathe properly and had to sit awake during whole nights and had to miss school for 15-20 days in a month due to severe attacks of asthma.

My friend told me doctor would not be able to help in this problem. He advised us to meet Shri Swaminathan, who practiced nature cure at Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. Shri Swaminathan had dedicated almost 25-30 years of his life in the free service of people through Nature Cure.

I met Sh. Swaminathan the same day and explained him the condition of my nephew.

Shri Swaminathan advised me the procedure, Do’s and Don’t’s for adoption of Nature Cure, which we started same day.

Since then, we did not have to look back and suffer any more healthwise, the asthma was completely cured in few months and  good health was restored back to normal.

Another Episode of my elder brother happened during this period. My brother aged 42 years who recently had undergone open heart surgery bye pass of arteries in England, came to India in 1979. My brother had been suffering from regular heart pains after the operation and was subjected to heavy medication.

Seeing my nephew’s condition improve by following Nature Cure, he got interested in reading the book “ The practical Nature Cure” written by Acharaya Lakshaman Sarma, Guru of Shri Swaminathan. My brother used to feel tired in walking and climbing stairs. One day he had unbearable pain in the heart. He asked me to take him to some hospital for check up. We went to MP Heart Clinic in Greater Kailash-I, ND where Dr. Umesh Gupta checked him up for BP. ECG etc. He said to my brother, you have severe Heart attack and you must get admitted in ICU immediately, otherwise I won’t be responsible. But my brother possessed strong will power and understood and believed in Nature cure. He told me to come out of there and go to Shri Swaminathan. My brother said that he is fed up of medicines and would like to do nature cure.

Shri Swaminathan heard the background and problem of my brother and advised him to go on fasting for 40 days on tender coconut water, raw salads, vegetable soups etc. He also advised my brother to give up all medicines and detoxify and clean the body internally by using water Enema.

My brother followed  this religiously and got completely cured of his heart problem. After 40 days we went back to the same clinic in GK-I. The doctor after check up asked where did you go, you did not come to me as the BP and ECG etc was perfectly normal. My brother told the doctor, what he did. Later on my brother went back to England and got the check up done from his Cardiologist Mr. Lawson Macdonald. The Cardiologist after check up said, "Your heart is perfect. If I had not known you were a heart patient, I would not have known”

For the last over 36 years, I am a follower and practitioner of Nature Cure. Nature Cure is my passion and hobby. I believe it can eradicate all kind of disease, whether acute, chronic or deadly. With adoption of Nature Cure, Do’s and Don’t’s is very important.Prevention is better than Cure”. Nature cure is the ultimate and the simplest solution to all the problems related to health, except in emergency cases of Accidents, etc. There have been cases of complete cure of leukemia, prostrate cancer and throat cancer which took only few months. The persons are now healthy.

I would recommend nature cure as part of our normal daily routine. It must be complimented and supported by Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation to reap the utmost benefits for healthy living.


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