Since long there has been a continuous search for newer and harmless methods cure for stress and stress-induced diseases. Various therapeutic methods of Naturopathy are found to minimize the effects of stress such as unfocussed anxiety, depression, hypertension, chronic lethargy, infectious diseases and neuro-hormonal imbalances. Natural elements such as colors, aromas of plants, herbs (our site) and flowers find their use in treating stress related disorders.

In the last century French chemist Rennee Maurice Gattefosse developed aroma as a therapy when he discovered the therapeutic power of essential oils extracted from lavender flowers. At present, nearly fifty varieties of essential oils distilled from plants and flowers are used for healing various health disorders, especially stress-induced ones. As part of holistic assessment, a patient`s physical conditions: digestion, sleep, and support system, are taken into consideration including the conditions of heart, mind and spirit. The oils prevent the stress effects and precipitate the healing of diseases by increasing a sense of well being in the patient. Aromatherapy also incorporates other complementary therapies such as acupuncture, acupressure and massage to increase the effectiveness of the essential oils.The sedative effect of essential oils on the central nervous system promotes emotional release and reduction of physical and mental stress (muscle relaxation, anxiety, tension et al).The medicinal effect of aromas can stimulate the digestive and glandular functions. Now aromatherapy has also found wide clinical application all over the world.

BachFlower Therapy
The Bach Flower therapy seeks to address the perturbed spirit caused by stress and set right the resulting disorders. 'This remedy brings us nearer to our souls and by that very act bring us peace and relieve our sufferings,' defines Dr Edward Bach, the British homeopath and the father of this flower essence therapy.

When the soul is disturbed due to various external demands, its inherent noble virtues such as courage, love, equanimity of mind, humility and strength take a back seat. This gives rise to negative qualities such as possessiveness, fear, indecision, depression, impatience, cruelty and hate. This `dis-ease` state of the soul, as explained by Dr Bach, should ideally find its cure in the same sphere itself.

Bach flower therapy uses 37 archetypal soul states in flowers and plants whose therapeutic applications restore the balance in the soul and the defiled mind-body (personality). It primarily addresses the emotional and spiritual issues of a patient, but eventually alleviate psychosomatic symptoms induced by stress.

For its effectiveness, the flower essence relies on the vibrational energy of the plant. It has 38 remedies (37 with flowers plus one with rock water) in its repertoire. Bach flower therapy believes that a flower is a plant`s regenerative organ, a harbinger of life itself.

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